An Author’s Freedom


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 I joined Rave Reviews Book Club back in December during its infancy and became Membership Director for the club.  I love the opportunity to be able to reach out to authors, both new and those with a few books under their belt, as well as those who love to read. As a newly published author I was excited at the idea of joining a club whose motto was to Propel, Promote, and Profile Indie Authors.  Writing and publishing my book was one thing but learning how to promote and market my book was scary.  Authors have many options today when publishing and promoting their books.  We have the freedom to choose whether we want to struggle to find a publisher willing to publish our books, we have the freedom to choose to self-publish, and we have the freedom to decide how we market not only our books but ourselves.  There are many sites out there willing to market your books; but what else do they offer?  Do they offer support, mentorship, and fellowship among like-minded authors?  The answer is that they will be difficult to find.

One club that does offer all this and more is Rave Reviews Book Club. Authors and readers alike have the freedom to choose to join this amazing book.  I am extending an offer to everyone reading this post today to join our amazing club.  Membership fees are currently reduced to $15.00 a year.  You may ask what you get for your $15.00 a year.  Not only will you get your name and book cover featured on our Book Selections page but you will have access to our mentoring program, get tweet support from our Tweet Support Team as well as other members, and free or reduced entry into many of our contests.  Rave Reviews Book Club members have the opportunity to have their book selected as a Book of the Month, the opportunity of being chosen as a “Spotlight” Author, or selected as a #PUSHTUESDAY winner receiving tweet support for 24 hours.  Rave Reviews Book Club offers contests where winners can receive numerous prizes.  A writing contest just ended and a winner will be selected by the end of July.  Currently the club is featuring today’s Blog Recruiting Day contest that allows followers to vote on their favorite recruiting day blog post thus giving the winning member a #PUSHTUESDAY slot.

MY RRBC Dish Towel in the making.

MY RRBC dish towel in the making.

Please join us and get all the support and more that you could ever dream of because new and exciting things are happening all the time.  Click our join here tab as well as the many other tabs on the site to learn more about our amazing club.

Remember you have the freedom to choose the best support possible for you and your work.  Don’t forget to CLICK HERE to view a list of all participating blogs and cast a vote for your favorite. 

26 responses to “An Author’s Freedom

  1. harmonykentonline

    Great post, Kathryn . . . and I LOVE the dishtowel !! :))

  2. Wow, got in during the early days. Good for you.

  3. reanolanmartin

    great blog, kathryn!

  4. Just visiting all the Rave Reviews blogs today.

  5. Great post, Kathryn! And by the way, I LOVE the dish towel!!!! xoxo 🙂

  6. The post is wonderfully informative, but I think the real question here is, where can we get the RRBC dish towel?? 😀

  7. The dish towel is great and the post divine. Well done

  8. Hi, Kathryn. Loved your post and the perfect pic too! 🙂

  9. Another great post, Kathryn. Your blogs hopping. 🙂

  10. Awesome post, Kathryn!! Love the dish towel! 🙂

  11. Kathryn–nice presentation. If I hadn’t already joined I sure would today!!

  12. Great opportunity for authors! Thanks for sharing Kathryn!

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