Catch Up Mondays: Human Canaries & Friendship – revisited

I originally posted this on March 5, 2013.  This is a topic that comes up all to often among those of us with chemical sensitivity or chronic illness.  I decided it was time to share it once more on my Catch Up Mondays.

Today I was honored to be listed among some other very good bloggers on Ichigo Ichie in her post on Human Canaries and Friendship.  We all know that we are the canaries, the guinea pigs for finding what works/doesn’t work on our environmental illness and chemical sensitivities or other chronic invisible illnesses.  We also know what it is like to lose friendships during our struggles to make our world safe and in search of improving our health.  We also know how empowering it is to make new friendships with those who understand and will gladly lend a sympathic ear.  I am now following this blog too.

Dr. Rea once said that we are just the tip of the iceberg.  One day, we will be the ones that are empowered, the ones with the knowledge, and everyone else will be beating down our doors for information and sympathy.

6 responses to “Catch Up Mondays: Human Canaries & Friendship – revisited

  1. I’ve noticed this often happens in life – after monumental struggles, we gain the knowledge and wisdom necessary not only to help ourselves, but others as well. Great post! xoxo 🙂

  2. The analogy with the iceberg gave me chills. The problem with icebergs is that most of the issue is hidden under water and the ship crashes before the tip is ever seen. It’s only now that enough people are getting the word out there that people are looking for those of us who have the info. 😀 Keep spreading the love and the info. ❤ People are starting to listen.

  3. It has been interesting to see that since I have been blogging, it seems that overall there is a better understanding of chemical sensitivity. People (even those not chemically sensitive) are starting to ask how they can reduce chemicals in their lives.

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