Day 252 In the Pursuit of Love (IIAW)

Thank you Colleen for your contribution in getting the word out about Invisible Illness Week.

Life in the City with a Future

This week is Invisible Illness Awareness Week. If you’re not one of the over 100 million people who have an invisible illness — and wonder what it is — it is an illness/disease/sensitivity that the symptoms are not obvious to someone else. If you seated 50 people with MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) and 50 people without MCS in a room — it would be nearly impossible to pick out those with MCS. Symptoms such as migraines — chronic fatigue — chest pains — blurred vision are not obvious to some one else. Even symptoms that are external such as hives are still difficult to see when they are on your scalp or under your chin. Panic attacks or anxiety caused by toxic chemicals reacting with our brains and nervous symptoms are often incorrectly assumed to be a “mental” disorder rather than a physical one. Mood swings and fuzzy-headedness are sometimes…

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2 responses to “Day 252 In the Pursuit of Love (IIAW)

  1. My mother suffered with ovarian cancer at age 72. This is so timely and informative for all females of all ages. Thank you for this website.

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