It’s What You Can’t See that Hurts You

I loved this blog post so much that I had to share it. Colleen, you have a wonderful friend there.

Stepping Out with an Agoraphobic

Invisible Illness

This week is National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week. It runs through September 14th. It was suggested to me that I write about my experiences in dealing with my illnesses, and I will – perhaps at a later date. Instead of looking within myself, I thought I would broaden the scope of my focus and talk about an invisible illness that has hit close to home, and changed how I live my life.

To have a loved one succumb to an illness is one of the most painful things imaginable – and that pain applies to friends, as well as to family. What is even worse is when that illness is new, uncommon, or even invisible. This is what has been happening to my friend, Colleen, who has Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, a crippling disease that has rendered her disabled.

I must admit that sometimes I don’t feel like…

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3 responses to “It’s What You Can’t See that Hurts You

  1. Joe You made tears fall down my face. I too am disabled w severe MCS . Clothing of others decides if I can spend time with them or Not.. So far my circle if those who do what u do for Colleen is my wonderful Parents . It’s is an enormous challenge as I forge ahead and reinvent the wheel of life for myself .. I met a friend once for lunch at an organic place with outside seating . It was … To much to do it again. The fragrance if detergents fabric softners ect.. Soo sick. My resolution was maybe next time bring safe cloths and go to beach . And bring a bar if soap lol Ps after sum time at moms I remedied her dryer with benzalkonium chloride antisceptic skin cleaner from dr -rx-script dilutes I water and no smell wiped dryer out w it few times until tolorable.. peroxide,baking soda ,lemon juice r about the only tolorable alternatives for me . And natural Borox now and again oxy free and clear . That’s seams to be the strongest at getting scents and chemicals out of cloths.. Keep up the good work joe!! And thanks

    Thank you joe

    ~ Stephanie

    • Hello Stephanie. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. It is truly amazing what some will do and what many will not. My friends have to put on tyvek suits to come into my house and they must still not be wearing fragrances. It helps with what may/may not be on their clothes. I am highly allergic to benzalkonium chloride and have to watch for any products that may contain it. Bless you for all that you go through and for your lovely parents.

  2. Joe Thanks for mentioning sealing cloths in bags too😊I soooo look forward to the day that I no longer have to do that!! Or at least less than I have to do during the pollen seasons.. There r no cloths hanging in my closet joe. They are all covered and I dig threw them daily. Ugh Lots of pollen in Fla..winter sum of my cloths slowly go back on hangers for trial . Silly normal tasks that make life so much easier

    ~ Stephanie

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