Be Careful Around Sharp Objects

Monday morning I had my blood test to see what my INR (blood clotting time was). Ideally while on Warfarin it should be between 2.0 and 3.0. My number was 2.9.

Today I went in again to have my blood level checked. They couldn’t get blood from the old faithful vein in my right arm. They found what they thought would be a good vein in my left arm. Because the order was STAT they were supposed to get 2 vials of blood. They got the needle into my tiny and very twisty vein. The first vial of blood comes out and as they start to collect a second my vein blows.

I am not surprised. Back in the days when I had so many  blood tests, I began having this issue with using my veins too much. They bandaged my arm and told me not to lift anything for at least an hour (not an easy task with a three-year-old waiting for me at home).  Thank goodness my husband was there.  I now have a very ugly hematoma on my left arm that is ugly and very tender.

This afternoon when I phoned to get my INR level I was told that it was now at 5.9 (nearly double the acceptable upper level). This may have to do with my dose being upped on Saturday to 10 mg and then dropped back down to 5 on Sunday. It can take four days for changes to show up and today would have been four days since Saturday’s dose. I am to stay off the Warfarin for two days and retest on Friday (assuming I have any way of giving them the blood).  I am being extremely careful around anything sharp and have removed my rugs and anything that may cause me to take a tumble in the meantime.

I meet with my doctor tomorrow.  We will be discussing many things. One is that I want to be referred to a hematologist who can possibly better manage my blood levels. I am also going to ask for a self INR test machine. Where I only have to poke my blood with a lancet and put it on a test strip similar to what diabetics use. The result will be instantaneous. I call a number, give my ID and the level and my doctor is notified immediately of the results. I can’t continue to poke my veins 2 or 3 times a week. They are not going to hold out. I believe it is covered under medicare or my insurance company as a loaner.

I am spending a lot of time the rest of this week being very sedentary and reading. I will pop in to the office for short spurts periodically to check on my email, etc. Needless to say this is too much of Been There, Done That for me right now.

I hope you all are doing well.

19 responses to “Be Careful Around Sharp Objects

  1. so sorry you are going through this. sending prayers and best wishes, dear Kathy.

  2. Oh my goodness. You do not need to have this going on. Would you be a candidate for a port or a PICC line? Just a thought.

    • Hi Karen. I don’t think I can have a PICC line in again. I can’t even have a catheter needle in my hand without my whole vein swelling up. I am hoping that the INR self test machine will be the answer because I only have to prick my finger.

  3. Becky Williamson

    Thinking of you Kathy. Take care and knit a row. 🙂

  4. MG Kathryn, Oh honey, I am so sorry you have to endure such things. I think you are very wise to look into getting your blood in a better and more positive way. My thoughts will be with you and thank you so much for letting us know how you are. Please take it easy until things get back to normal. Of course we will miss you, but better for you to rest than to write. I am sending you a laughing apple, dancing banana and giggling orange to keep up your spirits.
    Pattimari and Peter Cacciolfi

  5. Ouch – I had a vein blow out from the carelessness of a **** and it hurt like h*ll. Anyway, I had to move (hubby died about two weeks ago) and I am looking for good doctors. It is turning into a nightmare. Good luck for finding a good hematologist.

  6. I hope the troubles ease soon. You’re due for the wheel of life to hit the upswing like NOW. 😀

  7. I am awaiting an appointment with a hematologist and my doctor is ordering the in-home tester. Lots of interesting information from my appointment with her. I am waiting to talk with the hematologist to get her take on the results..then I will be writing a blog post.

  8. HI, Kathryn. Hope all goes well and you can get on a pain-free testing regimen and are heading towards relief all around. ❤

    • Thank you Bette. I am still off Warfarin since Tuesday. My INR today was still 5.9. I will recheck Mon or Tuesday to see if we can start up again. I am also awaiting a call from the hematologist I asked to be referred to. The in-home tester is in the process of being ordered for me. I am so tired of trying to schedule all these labs, etc.

  9. Warfarin is not a very nice medication if not monitored all the time. Sorry to hear you are going through this.

  10. Yes it is Cynthia. I am still off until Monday. I cannot believe I am going to deal with this for at least six months.

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