My new Dutch Oven

In September I was honored to host author Raani York as she debuted her book, Dragonbride on my Be My Guest blog. Raani had a drawing for those hosting and I was excited to learn that I had won a $50 Amazon Gift Card.

I have had the card for a bit trying to decide exactly what I wanted to purchase with it. I wanted it to be significant! Something that I would have for a while. Last week I was making a pot of soup for my husband and I. My 6 quart dutch oven was used even though I was not making a big pot of soup. I kept saying that I should get a smaller one for those times I am making soup for just the two of us. Today I ordered a pretty 3 quart dutch oven from Amazon.

dutch oven

Don’t you think this is a very pretty dutch oven? Thank you Raani York for your generosity.


10 responses to “My new Dutch Oven


  2. I love Dutch ovens, but mine are all black.

  3. Beautiful. What’s the first kind of soup you’re going to make?

  4. I hope you’re going to have tons of fun with your new dutch oven. Thanks for telling me. 🙂

    • Thank you Raani. I was so excited to get it! Then: You won’t believe this…or maybe you will with my brain fog and visual overstimulation issues. My box arrived today from Amazon. It seemed awfully flat for a dutch oven. I had inadvertently ordered the covered casserole. Amazon just agreed to give me a free mailing label to return the casserole and I just purchased the Dutch Oven. It will be here just in time to make my soup this weekend. Yay!

  5. Hi Kathryn
    I love your new oven.
    I’m trying to email you but it keeps bouncing back.


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