It’s Not Personal, It’s The Chemicals

I like this post! It is definitely the chemicals, but it is personal when others who know my situation choose to ignore it.

Seriously "Sensitive" to Pollution


Have you ever noticed how some people get offended when we are disabled by, or get sick from something in the products they’ve used?

What’s up with that?


What about those who feign disbelief that we could be harmed by something they are using? Or that they could be using something that is harmful?


While I am not up to delving into the psychological and emotional intricacies of those responses here, or how industry pays big money to create them, I did come up with a few simple images with variations of the following text:

It’s not you! It’s not personal! It’s the chemicals!

Fragrances, personal care, and laundry products
contain toxic chemicals that make it impossible
for some people to be around those who use them.

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One response to “It’s Not Personal, It’s The Chemicals

  1. I used to get the same reaction when I wore a mask– I may go back to wearing one– (talk to my doctor today) but I need one that will keep the germs away. People who move away from me as if I was contagious, when they were the ones. lol

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