Nose Blind?

I, and several other bloggers who suffer from multiple chemical sensitivity, talk about how hard difficult it is to navigate  public places and deal with the multitude of fragrances both in the buildings themselves and on those in the buildings. Have you ever walked by and thought the person you just passed must have bathed in perfume?  Since becoming ill I have thought that these people have masked to chemicals or have simply lost the ability to smell. Therefore, they keep putting on their fragrances until they can detect the fragrance.

I remember returning to my last workplace after becoming ill and being absent for many months. I had gone to gather my things because it was obvious that I would not be able to return to work. I walked in with my mask to gather up my belongings. Suddenly I realized that their were fragrances. The fragrances were everywhere I turned. They were overpowering even with my mask on. I quickly walked out. My fellow co-workers wanted to visit with me. I had to stand outside and keep them at a distance. I asked them if they had always worn perfume? They all replied that they had. Why hadn’t I noticed before? Why didn’t I notice the odor of the paint that was being applied to the door facings while I sat at my “new” desk with “new” carpeting still being laid down around me? My only answer is that my sinuses, because of so many infections and surgeries, just could no longer detect anything. I was sick everywhere I went but had no idea all these chemicals were adding to my body’s already weakened system and over all body burden.

It wasn’t until recently when I had a bad night and could not sleep that I turned on the television and heard a commercial. AHA! There was the answer. I  had been “nose blind” due to all that my sinuses had gone through. This also explains why so many others not only where perfume or cologne, but bathe in it. They are “nose blind” until they get to a certain level of fragrances.


The commercial was for “Febreze”. The person was talking about their pets and the odors they caused. The person said she had become “nose blind” to all the pet odors. When friends came to visit it was like visiting a place with twice as many animals. The answer, of course, was to just spray the house with “Febreze”!

The chemical industry is bombarding us with more and more chemicals on a daily basis. I forget the number of new chemicals that are introduced each year; the number is staggering. Dr. Rea said once that we were just the tip of the iceburg so to speak when he talked about chemical sensitivities.

We need to stay vigilant and continue to speak out about the dangers of chemicals and the debilitating effect they have on us.


9 responses to “Nose Blind?

  1. Great point. I had one friend who didn’t know she reacted to chemicals until she gave them up for me. She had been constantly reacting so that was her normal then we she detoxed she realized it wasn’t normal at all.

  2. That explains it so well. It is interesting to see how sensitive to smells people who know me have become. They aren’t sensitive to the chemicals but they now prefer fragrance free.

    I think the smells are like white noise – until the power goes out and all the noises stop, we don’t realize how much noise is around us. Until we are in a fragrance free environment and clear our sinuses, we don’t realize that we have been tuning out all those smells.

    • Stephanie, that is so true. I have a friend who soon realized that the laundry soap she was using was the cause of headaches. My husband, while not as aware as I am of chemicals and those that have a smell, senses things much more strongly after living without all that stuff.

  3. I had to watch a 30 second commercial to see the Febreze commercial
    (I am so glad I don’t have a tv)

    I was going to make a post about this noseblind campaign that Febreze has, when I ran across the ad somewhere somehow a couple of months ago, maybe in an online magazine?, but I haven’t finished figuring out how to (stop shaking my head and) say what I want to say about it… the photos are partly done… waiting for the finishing touches… it might become part of a new series I’ve been toying with doing…

    Thanks for putting this out there.

  4. May you be forever Febreze free ((( ❤ )))
    I will miss you!

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