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Allergic to Life – signed copies

I had hoped that by tonight I would be announcing that signed copies would be available on my website through a link to PayPal.  Things aren’t going as well as we had planned and it will be the end of the weekend before this can be set up.   Please hang in there with me.  I think it is possible that I can do an invoice through PayPal which may work until then.   If anyone is interested in testing the waters, please email me through the contact button and I can see if this is possible.

Readership Award

Readership Award

Last week I received an additional award.  This award came from doilooksick.  I love the logo for this award.  After all who doesn’t like fireworks?

This is an award for good readership – in other words, a THANK YOU to your loyal readers! While I am grateful for each and every person who chances upon this blog, there a few that I would like to mention in this award.

Rule 1: Display the pretty firework picture. (check!)

Rule 2: A great reader is someone who… leaves insightful comments, shares your work with others, and truly has an IMPACT on the blogs they read!

Rule 3: Nominate 14 readers who fit your description! And here they are! I am turning into quite the rule breaker lately because I am going to break or bend the rules slightly here.  I have a few followers who have left wonderful comments and supported others who have commented on my blog.  These particular followers are not bloggers but have been faithful followers and readers of this blog since the beginning.  Because this is a “Readership Award”, in my nominations you will find both bloggers and non-bloggers alike.  To all my followers here and those not mentioned, thank you for following along with me on this journey and for your support.  I hope that I am all caught up on my award acceptances.

  1. Patricia Lush (Patricia has been a follower since the very beginning of this blog.  She is a fellow mold survivor that I met through another support group quite some time ago.  Not only does Patricia comment on my posts, she offers support and shares her story with others who are asking for help and support.)
  2. Melissa (Melissa is a new follower.  I am including Melissa because she is where I was in the beginning – searching for help and answers.  I am happy that she has found my blog and hope she continues to comment and share her story.
  3. http://sondasmcschatter.wordpress.com/ (Since following my blog, Sonda has not only supported and encouraged me, she has shared many of my posts with her fellow MCS sisters via her blog.)
  4. http://quirkywritingcorner.wordpress.com/ (Has been a follower of this blog for some time and comments often.)
  5. http://doilooksick.wordpress.com/ (Rachel has been a very active follower of my site and has been a great support here.)
  6. http://sensitivetochemicals.com/ (MCS Gal has been a wonderful supporter and offers good comments for myself and my followers.)
  7. http://ellenmgregg.com/blog/ (Ellen is well versed in energy and has offered great insights to my posts.)
  8. http://boredsick.wordpress.com/ (Christine is a regular follower who frequently comments.  I know Christine is going through a health crisis and may not be able to fully accept this and I wish her the best.)
  9. http://jenniesherwin.com/ (I first met Jennie during my nearly year-long stay in Dallas.  Jennie is very intuitive and offers wonderful words of comments and advice.)
  10. Loretta (Loretta is someone I have known for many years and knows of my struggles first hand.  You will read about her in my book.  I am happy that Loretta continues to follow me and comment.)
  11. http://the-labyrinth.com/ (Miche is also a fellow mold survivor and chemical sensitivity sufferer.  She recently interviewed me about my book and my life struggles.  I hope to be able to share the interview soon.  Miche shares her struggles and what she finds has helped her with my readers.)
  12. Roxie (Roxie is a high school classmate who recently reconnected with me and follows this blog religiously.  Despite our having not seen each other in years, she immediately embraced me and my new differences.  She is very supportive of me and this blog.
  13. Princessandthepea1 (Has been a follower for over half the lifetime of this blog.  Princess is a frequent commenter and has offered support to me.)
  14. http://theallergista.com/ (The Allergista’s list of allergies and sensitivities looks as long as my own.  I appreciate her comments on this blog.)

Sneak Peek

I have so many draft posts saved that I want to talk about.  But I am still feeling under the weather and my brain just won’t let me read the articles that I linked to those drafts and come up with a coherent post.

Instead, I am going to give you a sneak peek of my cover.  I am also in the process of working out my webpage and awaiting the final photo enhancements to send in to the publisher.  Tomorrow I am going to see if I can get in soon to see my acupuncturist/osteopath to get a handle on my body aches and fatigue.  As soon as I can get it under control I will be back with more posts.


It’s My Blogiversary

A year ago today I started with an idea.  I wanted to begin promoting my upcoming book and I wanted to share what I have gone through so that others would know they were not alone.  I wanted to share what a mold exposure can do both physically and emotionally.  It seems like yesterday that I published my first post and this is my  285th.

I had no idea that in that time span I would have come into contact with such wonderful bloggers, authors and fellow sufferers.  In the short span of a year I have written 285 blog posts, had  over 14,000 views, attracted 78 followers and began following about 80 other blogs.  In this age of computers and the lightening speed of the internet, I have reached viewers from 90 countries.  Some of these countries with little known names like Mauritius and Macao.

I have also been awarded three blog awards:  The Reality Award, the Liebster Award and the Versatile Blogger Award. 

I look forward to another year of blogging and the debut of my book.  Thank you all for sharing this amazing journey with me.

If the coastline can be environmentally sensitive, why can’t we?

As I have talked about my illness and being environmentally sensitive, I have also talked about how many do not understand how things as simple as a cleaner or shampoo can do so much harm to me.  When we were at the coast recently, I came across this sign posted along the boardwalk on the ocean.  So my question is, if the coast can be environmentally sensitive and we cannot walk along the area and destroy the habitat, why can’t we be environmentally sensitive to all the chemicals that are being put into our air space and our clothes?

I had planned on writing so much more about this topic but my brain is not processing words today.  The harder I try, the more rambled the text was becoming so I am going to just stop here.  It may have to do with getting my IV today with Vitamin C, Magnesium and Glutathione.  These IV’s tend to push toxins out of my body and maybe causing the chaos I mentioned.  I am going to take a break for a day or two and then I will be back.