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Catch Up Mondays: My Friends in “The Box” – revisited

This post was first shared on December 2, 2012.  My views of my “friends in the box” are even stronger than they were a little over a year ago when I first wrote this blog post.  Something incredible happens when I am able to share my story, my thoughts, and my feelings with those who share many of these same feelings and struggles.  Something incredible happens when I read a comment by a new follower who is struggling (maybe they haven’t recovered as well as I or are just starting this journey) that says they are so happy they are not alone.  Something wonderful happens when someone I have never met, tells me how much they appreciated reading Allergic to Life and thank me for sharing my story and the plight of so many others through it.  Something incredible happens when I make a new friend who hasn’t seen me and, therefore, can’t say “but you don’t look sick”.  It is sort of like the television show “The Voice” during blind auditions.  Others hear my story, learn my struggles, but don’t see me.  

For all of my “friends in the box”, thank you for your support and for friendship.   Although we may never meet and we may never talk on the phone (although I have had some wonderful conversations with a few of you as well as some emails), I treasure you all.  For those friends who I have had the pleasure of meeting during my Dallas Days, I hope some day we will meet again.  

A blog I regularly follow had a featured post today titled, “My Friends in ‘The Box’.”  I tried to share it here but have not been successful.   A link to this wonderful article is at the bottom of this post.

Some of my friends, like those of the author, are in “The Box”.   They are easily accessible by turning on my computer and reading comments they have written on my blog or by reading of their plight through their blogs.  Some of my friends are, as my husband refers to them, “phone friends”.   Some of these friends I have met in person during my trips to Dallas for treatment.  Some of these new friends I have never met in person.   To me they are more than friends in “The Box” or “phone friends”.  They are my lifeline to someone who truly understands chronic illness.    No matter how many times you talk to your friends or family about this they can only offer support or sympathy.  They cannot offer the kind of support or understanding that someone who is truly walking the same walk can.

I have received comfort from them and hopefully offered comfort to them.  I now have some amazing new recipes that are gluten-free.  I have recipe ideas that I can tweak to suit my own food allergies thanks to many of them.  I have learned of many more chronic invisible illnesses that before starting this blog I had not heard of.  Most of all I have gained understanding and total acceptance by these friends in “the box” who I have never met.

Please visit the following website and read Stephanie’s article. http://www.butyoudontlooksick.com/articles/guest-writers/my-friends-in-the-box/comment-page-2/#comment-137590

WEGO Health Activist Nomination

I was shocked recently to find an email in my inbox stating that I had been nominated for  a WEGO Health Activist Award.  I was nominated in the “Best In Show Blog” category.  I completed the required information and it is now up on their website.  I am honored to be included with so many other bloggers for this title.

Best in Show: Blog

I have no idea who nominated me but am very excited to have my blog thought of in this way.

How many have I converted?

At my book launch and  signing last month I gave out samples of my “safe products” thanks to some great donations from the companies that make them.  I have some extras and have been handing them out to people who say they have sensitive skin or allergies to certain products.

Magick Botanicals Gift Bags

Magick Botanicals Gift Bags

I have begun wondering.  Have I converted anyone?  If yes, how many?  Have any of these people given up some of their toxic products for safer choices?  I may contact those that got samples to see if any of them have actually tried the products.

Seventh Generation Dish Soap Samples

Seventh Generation Dish Soap Samples

Meet The Author


Yesterday I did a “meet the author” at High Country Health Foods and Café.  I didn’t sell any books but I had the opportunity to speak to others about molds, chemicals, and food allergies.  I had someone talk about family members that had developed cancers and they were sure the environment played a role in it.  I had someone tell me that a friend suffered from something called Chronic Fatigue and I told her that was one of the diagnosis made on me.

The staff at High Country Health were wonderful and while I didn’t make any sales, I felt that I had the opportunity to share about this illness and my story.  I handed out book marks and samples of dish soap.  You never know whether any of this will equate sales through direct contact and conversation or through second-hand contact (something sharing my story with someone else).

Readership Award

Readership Award

Last week I received an additional award.  This award came from doilooksick.  I love the logo for this award.  After all who doesn’t like fireworks?

This is an award for good readership – in other words, a THANK YOU to your loyal readers! While I am grateful for each and every person who chances upon this blog, there a few that I would like to mention in this award.

Rule 1: Display the pretty firework picture. (check!)

Rule 2: A great reader is someone who… leaves insightful comments, shares your work with others, and truly has an IMPACT on the blogs they read!

Rule 3: Nominate 14 readers who fit your description! And here they are! I am turning into quite the rule breaker lately because I am going to break or bend the rules slightly here.  I have a few followers who have left wonderful comments and supported others who have commented on my blog.  These particular followers are not bloggers but have been faithful followers and readers of this blog since the beginning.  Because this is a “Readership Award”, in my nominations you will find both bloggers and non-bloggers alike.  To all my followers here and those not mentioned, thank you for following along with me on this journey and for your support.  I hope that I am all caught up on my award acceptances.

  1. Patricia Lush (Patricia has been a follower since the very beginning of this blog.  She is a fellow mold survivor that I met through another support group quite some time ago.  Not only does Patricia comment on my posts, she offers support and shares her story with others who are asking for help and support.)
  2. Melissa (Melissa is a new follower.  I am including Melissa because she is where I was in the beginning – searching for help and answers.  I am happy that she has found my blog and hope she continues to comment and share her story.
  3. http://sondasmcschatter.wordpress.com/ (Since following my blog, Sonda has not only supported and encouraged me, she has shared many of my posts with her fellow MCS sisters via her blog.)
  4. http://quirkywritingcorner.wordpress.com/ (Has been a follower of this blog for some time and comments often.)
  5. http://doilooksick.wordpress.com/ (Rachel has been a very active follower of my site and has been a great support here.)
  6. http://sensitivetochemicals.com/ (MCS Gal has been a wonderful supporter and offers good comments for myself and my followers.)
  7. http://ellenmgregg.com/blog/ (Ellen is well versed in energy and has offered great insights to my posts.)
  8. http://boredsick.wordpress.com/ (Christine is a regular follower who frequently comments.  I know Christine is going through a health crisis and may not be able to fully accept this and I wish her the best.)
  9. http://jenniesherwin.com/ (I first met Jennie during my nearly year-long stay in Dallas.  Jennie is very intuitive and offers wonderful words of comments and advice.)
  10. Loretta (Loretta is someone I have known for many years and knows of my struggles first hand.  You will read about her in my book.  I am happy that Loretta continues to follow me and comment.)
  11. http://the-labyrinth.com/ (Miche is also a fellow mold survivor and chemical sensitivity sufferer.  She recently interviewed me about my book and my life struggles.  I hope to be able to share the interview soon.  Miche shares her struggles and what she finds has helped her with my readers.)
  12. Roxie (Roxie is a high school classmate who recently reconnected with me and follows this blog religiously.  Despite our having not seen each other in years, she immediately embraced me and my new differences.  She is very supportive of me and this blog.
  13. Princessandthepea1 (Has been a follower for over half the lifetime of this blog.  Princess is a frequent commenter and has offered support to me.)
  14. http://theallergista.com/ (The Allergista’s list of allergies and sensitivities looks as long as my own.  I appreciate her comments on this blog.)