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Comment to a comment

Yesterday a dear friend that I met in 2003 commented on my blog.  She was having difficulty emailing me because her email provider had changed formats and it was becoming difficult for her to figure it out.  I have pasted the comment in this post and will add my comments.


Kathy!   I love my new towel!   When I came home from treatment I wanted to do something for the many women who befriended me.  I still wasn’t sewing much because of overstimulation but was able to embroider.  I began sending them a towel a year  (The series was Monthly Madness where there was a specific towel for each month like the one in this link for March). 

I’ve been trying for over a week to figure out how to send you an email.   I’m getting dummer and more forgetful.  AT&T changed my format and obviously I’m a creature of habit and finding the right thing to click on to do things I’ve been doing differently for years is driving me crazy.  As we all know when we are in stress mode, our brain fog kicks into overdrive and learning new things and new tasks take on a monumental feel.

Looks like you are keeping very busy.  Are you a millionaire yet?  I can’t think of anyone I’d rather see make a million.  What would you do if you won that much money?    I am excited about my book coming out and hope that the message is well read, I didn’t write this to become a millionaire.  However, if I were to become a millionaire I am sure that I would do more for awareness and those that suffer as I have.

I saw my lawyer last week.  Waldinger wants to settle for $8,500.  Platte County offered $3,500.  My lawyer says both companies are admitting that there was a problem in my work area and he suggests I accept their offers, saying it will increase his chances of winning my lawsuit with the Missouri Second Injury Fund.     I reminded him that the Second Injury Fund is funded by Companies, went bankrupt two years ago and before they went bankrupt they stopped making payments to injured  individuals who had won their cases and the Injury Fund promised to pay them benefits for life.  My lawyer said that everything indicates the Missouri Second Injury Fund will paying people again.  DO YOU FEEL THAT COLD AIR???  HELL IS FREEZING OVER???   A year ago he said that going public with my problems would be beneficial for my cases.  Last week he said “Going ;public with your information will only piss both companies off and they will both resend their offers.”   I said, “What offer?   $10,000 is not enough to pay your expenses and that leaves me with nothing anyway,”  He just glared at me.  I said I’d make my decision in a week.  He said, “You have a very weak case and if you hesitate you may have to find a different lawyer to represent you.”   I said, OK and left.    I stewed over my decision and researched welding poisoning lawsuits and found a government site that said several thousand people have lawsuits like mine pending in courts and the government wants lawyers to settle as many of these cases as possible before they have to admit that Chemical Sensitivity is a Disease and people who have not settled begin winning their lawsuits because the government is fearful that if would adversely affect the United States economy if all of these people who are sick from breathing welding fumes win their lawsuits.  Millions of dollars would have to be paid out and that might bankrupt America.   I guess they don’t realize that America is already bankrupt and owned by China because America has been overspending and borrowing too much money for years.     I’m going to fight because the meager amount they offer isn’t enough to help me.  I’m willing to gamble it all realizing it can go either way.  Too many years have passed for me to sue either company for wrongful termination, salary fraud, employer tort or anything but Workman Compensation. I want my grandsons to know why I “act funny.” Ann I so understand this as my granddaughters have witnessed me with my mask and with a reaction so severe I needed histamine.  That there is a reason why I am not able to go places and do very many things with them.  I want them to know “my story” and your success encourages me to eventually write a book to tell my story.  I just finished reading Canary in the Court Room.It was great.    I had not heard of this book but just ordered it as a download for my Kindle.    I know first hand how difficult it is to fight for your rights in the workers’ compensation arena.  It is a tough battle.  It is a long battle.  You will be made to feel that you are crazy.  Roadblocks will constantly be put in your way in hopes that you will just say it is too hard and give up the fight.  I kept fighting now matter how hard it was.  I was determined for validation from the legal system for what myself and many doctors had stated; I was an injured worker.  I fought when I wanted to just sit and cry.  I was determined that this illness and what had caused it would not win the battle.  I understand Ann’s frustration and determination to continue to fight.  The offering would not even begin to cover her medical costs, lost wages and suffering.  I give her credit for continuing on with this battle against a formidable opponent.

I called my son yesterday so I could bounce my decision off him.  He answered the phone and I said, “I love you.  Pack the whisky and come over tonight because I need to talk.”  He said he’d come earlier if I needed him and I said I was OK but I needed to talk.  He said quit being embarrassed, send your information to 20/20, 60 Minutes and anyone else you want to send it to, keep one copy of everything and thro the rest of these papers away.  If you’re still alive when this crap comes to trial you will either be a rich woman able to afford treatments that will no longer help you – or – you will receive nothing and you continue living like you have for the past 14 years.  You’re a fighter.  A bull dog.  You won’t let go of this until you do everything you believe is important.   If you accept their offers you will never be happy again.  I don’t give a damn if you win or lose this stupid lawsuit.  I want you happy.  I want you to  enjoy your life.  Finish this battle.  Don’t give up until you have to.  To hell with what people think or say or imply when you wobble around.  Ann’s injury causes her head to wobble like the bobble head dolls you have seen in the stores.   Just a small amount of diesel fumes from a semi going by will start the wobbling.  I have witnessed this time and time again. You don’t sleep with them.  The only person you owe anything to is you.  Yourself.  I love you no matter what you do.  Elsa and the boys love you more than anything.  You won’t be happy until you fight this to the end.  Organize this crap, put it in an envelope, mail it and then relax and see what happens.  Shit will hit the fan.  If Waldinger or Platte County sue you for making this mess public what are they going to take away from you?  You have no money.  They can’t take your house.  You can’t work.  They can’t take your salary.  If they win then you win.  Your disclosure will embarrass the Giants which will make you happy.  If you end up getting money fine.  If you get no money and they sue you then your life won’t change.  They can’t get blood from a turnip.  Make yourself happy.   That’s all I want for you.  Damn I raised two great kids!      Well, the short email I planned on writing has turned into the chapter of my book!   I hope you and yours are all OK.     Your very good friend,  Ann      I never got my story to 20/20 or any of the other news shows.  I have written my story and hope that it will reach others.  If it were not for the support of my family and the friends that stuck with me it would have been difficult to keep on fighting.  Ann, my friend, I am in your corner and will continue to offer you support in your fight.