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Happy Birthday To Me!

Well Halloween is tomorrow and today is my birthday.  I was born the day before Halloween a few years ago (ha – thought you could get me to say when didn’t you).

I have been sick for so many birthdays that I have not wanted to plan anything or do anything.  Either I was too sick or had just received bad news from some test or lab work.  I received news that it was possible I had ovarian cancer just before a birthday.  On another birthday I was told that I had to have a biopsy on my breast because the mammogram and ultrasound showed something suspicious.  My birthday month has been a month I want to just skip over.

This year I decided that I was not having a mammogram or any major testing until after the first of the year.  I am going to have a birthday month that is stress free.  Of course I did have some stress preparing for the wonderful book blog tour getting my posts ready and planning my book launch party for the release of Allergic to Life.  But that was a stress I didn’t mind having.  It has been an exciting and wonderful month for me.  I have reconnected with so many people as a result of the book and my story.  One of those that I have reconnected with invited me to lunch yesterday at an outdoor café that I have been able to go to.  There is one item on the menu that I do okay with.  It was a lovely hour and a half visit.  I am blessed to have some of these wonderful people back into my life.

During my many posts I have talked about not having my photos and haven’t seen my mother’s photo albums in years.  My sister and I sat outside my mother’s house a few weeks ago and she put photos out for my sister and I to see.  I managed to take a quick snapshot of three of them with my camera.  Mom has promised me she will get them scanned so I can have copies printed.  You have seen pictures of me sick and I thought I would share some pictures when I was little and carefree.


My baby sister, my handsome dad, myself, and my Revlon doll.

My baby sister, my handsome dad, myself, and my Revlon doll.

I love this picture - My mom made my sister and I these outfits.  Mine was pink and hers was blue.

I love this picture – My mom made my sister and I these outfits. Mine was pink and hers was blue.

Book Launch and Book Signing Party

The book launch party and signing were awesome. IMG_1884 I saw some friends I hadn’t seen in a long time and met some new people who came because they knew of my story. One high school classmate drove over two hours to come and support me.  Here we are with copies of my book. IMG_1911

The baking went well on Friday although not being able to multi-task any more sure through a kink into my baking day. First mistake was discovered on Friday evening as I went to cut the chocolate almond joy bars to prep them for serving on Saturday. I couldn’t figure out why the chocolate on top was so gooey. Suddenly the light bulb went on in my head. Only 1/3 of the chocolate chips were supposed to be on top and the rest were to be inside. I had two batches with all the chocolate on top. Taking my daughter’s and husband’s advice I put them in the freezer and served them cool. The second big mistake came when I went to take the pumpkin bars out of the oven after the timer went off. They weren’t done! OOPS! I had turned the oven off while I ate dinner and decided whether to make the pumpkin bars or snickerdoodles. The oven was never turned on or hot when I put the bars in the oven. I quickly turned the oven on and they turned out perfectly the second time around in the oven.

Saturday morning arrived and we headed over to the home of my friends Steve and  Victoria to set up for the party. Everyone arrived on time at 2:00 p.m. for the party as fragrant free as they could be by avoiding colognes, perfumes, after shaves, and scented lotions. The food was a success

Goodies to nibble on.

Goodies to nibble on.

and I am glad that I included copies of the recipes (thanks to whoever told me to do this). I signed books and visited. The giveaway of four gift baskets was fun and in the end I gave away a copy of the book.

Today I have been doing the fun things like scrubbing toilets, steaming floors, and laundry to bring me back into reality so that I could get this post done and I need to sign and prepare for mailing the three copies of Allergic to Life from the Goodreads Giveaway.

My Gift Basket Winners

My Gift Basket Winners

Below is a video clip of me thanking those attending.  I will post more pictures during the week.


Hello everyone!  As you know today is Book Blog Tour 9.  I have a few updates to share:

  1. Rachel at doilooksick is hosting me on Tuesday, October 15th (Thank you Rachel)
  2. Shanna from lipreading mom is hosting me the following Tuesday.  (Thank you as well Shanna) Amy from adventuresofanallergicfoodie is also hosting me that Tuesday.  So we are having a two-for-Tuesday Book Blog Tour Stop.
  3. I am dealing with a nasty sinus infection that is driving me crazy and trying to prepare for my book launch party here at home a week from tomorrow.
  4. Yesterday my dear friend Victoria (you all know her from the Christmas cookie baking post where she is pictured in the lovely and stunning white tyvek suit) came over and put my gift baskets together.  Thank you Victoria and to the wonderful companies that donated items for me to use.
  5. Two weeks ago I tried a sunflower butter cookie to see how it tasted and how many cookies I could make as part of the food for the party.
  6. Today I made mock oatmeal cookies (gluten and dairy free as well) using ground almonds in place of oats.  They are good but I may add a dash of cinnamon for zing).
  7. Tomorrow I am going to make the chocolate almond joy bars to see how many I can get out of a batch.
  8. I still need to try a carbob chocolate chip cookie.
  9. I need to get plates, napkins and paper cups yet and maybe a banner or two.
  10. Recipes need to be typed and printed and cards made specifying the type of snack (gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, etc.)

I have a week to accomplish this while dealing with a sinus infection.  Wish me luck everyone.  I really would like to get a lot of the typing done this weekend and even get my cellophane bags and prep the dry ingredients so I am ready to go next Friday for a bake-a-thon.

There will be lots of pictures taken and I will post them as I go along as well as recipes for the items I make.


It’s Party Time!

Well almost.  I just mailed out the invitations to the book launch party. I worked all evening yesterday addressing envelopes, stuffing envelopes, sealing envelopes and stamping them.  My husband took them to the post office this morning.  This afternoon I received a call from our friend whose back yard I am using for the party. I made a mistake on the address.  I have mentioned many times that I type as if I am dyslexic.  Well the address is 1012 and I put 1021.  I was panicked.  He said not to worry.  He would put a sign in the front yard and the next address jumps go 1040 or something like that.  UGH!

On the bright side,  I have been receiving some great donations from companies whose products I use.  I started soliciting samples to use in gift baskets for my party.  These companies have been amazingly generous with me.  Some of the products are sample sizes and some are full size products.  The companies are 7th Generation, One with Nature, Magick Botanicals, and the makers of Egyptian Magic.  As soon as I can get out from under all that I am trying to do, I will post pictures of what I have received.

Don’t forget the giveaway of 3 signed books (US only) on Goodreads.  If you haven’t already entered please hope on over and enter.

Allergic to Life’s book blog tour starts in a little over a week where 3 more signed copies will be given away through rafflecopter.  Of course he want an e-book they are available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  I hope to have the link up very soon to purchase signed copies through my website as well.

So Behind on Posts Due This Week

I should have already had my post done for 9/11 but I haven’t done it and the day is almost gone.  My brain is fried from all that I am attempting to get done.  Here is last year’s post.

This is also Invisible Illness Week.  Have I written a new post?  No I haven’t done that either.  I wrote two posts last year.  They can be found here and here.

I apologize for being so neglectful in these two very important items.  So what has kept me so occupied?

  • I have been working on my guest blogs posts and sample questions for the book blog tour
  • I have been working on getting a seller’s permit and a business license so that I can offer my books on my website and sell them at my book launch party
  • I have been contacting companies to get free samples of some products I use for the book launch party gift baskets
  • I have been setting up the rafflecopter giveaway to run in conjunction with the blog tour
  • I have just set up a goodreads giveaway to start running the end of next week through most of October (more later)
  • I am working on getting links up on my website to buy the books from both Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and autographed copies from me
  • I am getting ready to set up pay pal for the website
  • I am constructing a very important blog post that I will be sharing soon – depending on my energy level it may get done tomorrow or not until Friday
  • I am trying to figure out what food/drink to serve at the book launch party
  • I need to clean up my office (or at least what you can see from the video webcam on my computer for tomorrow’s re-do of the Slushheap interview that didn’t get recorded
  • Today I got a crash course in doing a video book trailer (more on that later as well)
  • And I am still fighting the tail end of a sinus infection and dealing with a nasty cough that doesn’t seem to want to go away

My interview isn’t being recorded until the afternoon tomorrow so I hope to accomplish a few straggling things on my list tomorrow morning.  Because I am not sure if the interview will be able to be viewed live, I will post a link as soon as I have it here.

Okay, I am done here for the night.  Going to take my notes into the living room and right my last guest blog post while I wait patiently for the finale episode of Master Chef.  While I can’t eat a lot of what they are cooking, I do love watching people cook.

Book Launch Update

Well, it is getting so close now.  My project of chronicling my story through mold induced illness will soon come to fruition.

Cover1FinalFront for google plusMy dear friend Victoria and her husband (read about her here) have graciously allowed me to have a book launch party in their lovely back yard.  This back yard has been host to many wonderful and lovely social events over the years and I have been fortunate to be able to attend a few of them.

My copy of the book should arrive in a week or so but I need to make sure everything is right (no pages out-of-order or upside down).  I want to have an online book launch and  online book blog tour culminating in my book launch party.  I scheduled my party for October 19th (hopefully it will be cooler because September can still be quite hot here and with luck the air will be better than it is now) to allow time for me to get information to any bloggers wishing to host me during the first two weeks of October and copies of the book to those wishing to read and review it.

As I sit here staring at the computer screen I can hardly believe it is finally happening.  You have all allowed me into your lives a few times a week to share my life and my journey with you.  You have given me the confidence to move beyond just writing the book but to sending it out into the world.  Thank you all for your kind words and comments.

Where do I start?

I am usually pretty organized.  My office has a place for everything.  My bills are in a nice organized vertical file.  I have a binder for my blog where I keep copies of blogs posted, ideas that I want to write about, and information that I have used in blog posts.  There is a pretty neon pink binder for my book promo information.  I even have a file box with additional information on blogging, tweeting, etc.

It is getting close to the big reveal.  I have so much I want to get done.  I know, I need to just breathe.  My computer desk is a disaster.  I have papers spread out all over it on how to do a book launch party (fragrance-free of course and outdoors), my invitation list, samples that I have worked on for the invitation, and information on how to do an online book launch.  By neon pink binder is out with all the information on how to do an online book blog tour along with my list of possible blogs to ask to host me. There is a stack of bills on my desk that need my attention as well.

In reading all these papers I have discovered it is best to host the online launch and blog tour first culminating in my party with friends to celebrate.  They need to be lined up together so that all sales start about the same time.

I am trying to secure a spot for the launch party and need to confirm the date in October with a friend to see if her lovely back yard is free.  I need to get busy with contacting blog hosts about my tour and get advance reader copies out to them in advance.  I don’t have my author copy yet and won’t for about two weeks.  I need to plan on what I will have at my party for food, prizes, and how many books I should have available should someone want to buy one.

My brain is swirling with ideas, dates, plans, and data that I have accumulated for the past several months in anticipation of this momentous occasion.  All in all I am swimming in a sea of yet to be made decisions.

Tomorrow is my first day without any responsibility to anyone so I am going to make that my first day of setting ideas to paper and coming up with an action plan that I can manage and live with.  This weekend I plan on enjoying myself while my granddaughters participate in their local fair activities.  Friday night my younger granddaughter is signed up for the stick pony race.  Saturday I am going to a peddler’s faire with my daughter (a tradition that we have started on labor day weekend and thankfully it is outdoors and I don’t think it is supposed to be too hot).  Sunday, my younger granddaughter is in the tricycle race (she smoked the little boys last year and won a tricycle and hopes to do it again this year).  My older granddaughter is in a roping competition (this is her first year and she has been practicing every evening).  Memories are going to be made and then I will set to work on implementing my plan that I put together tomorrow.

Any fellow bloggers have suggestions for me regarding the book launch, book blog tour, or party?  I would appreciate anything you can provide me.  You can either comment here or send me an email through the contact button.