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A girl just wants her hair to look good

Living in the world of environmental illness/chemical sensitivity puts a lot of restraints on women and their hair.

I have let my hair go gray (started back in 2002) because I cannot use hair coloring.  I have since thought about trying henna.  What if I react to it?  What if I don’t like it?  Worse yet, what if I don’t react and do like it?  Do I have the energy to keep it up?  I find it difficult at times  to keep my hair trimmed in the timely manner it needs to keep me from feeling like a hag.  I can just imagine the disappointment of getting color back in my hair and thereby my face only to have it slip away because I didn’t have the energy to keep it up.

I have a wonderful lady that cuts my hair outside of her salon.  There are styles I would love to try but I have thin/fine hair.  There just aren’t a lot of hair products out there to give volume and holding power for chemically sensitive patients.  I have a gel but it mostly just leaves my hair sticky and stiff.  I had a hair spray that I tried not realizing that although there is no added fragrance, it has alcohol.

I use a basic shampoo and hair conditioner from Magic Botanicals.  I am still looking for products that act like those I used  in the “old days” but are safe for me.  I am curious what others like me are using.  What are your opinions on your own hair?  Do you find that while you want your hair to look nice that you don’t have the energy to fiddle with it like you used to?  Is it easier to just put it in a pony tail and forget about it?

I recently cut my hair shorter than I have had it in a very long time.  The back lays perfectly with its layers and I don’t have to do a thing to it.  I quickly dry the front and push it behind my ears.  I would love volume in the front and on top.  I have done a little gel at the scalp but haven’t been overly succesful with getting fullness.  I am still working on trying to figure a way to get some volume.  Overall, I like the cut but wish there were more products out there that I could use.

Any suggestions from those of you that are struggling with the same dilemma?