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Tyvek – this mold survivor’s best friend

Recently I read a blog post on another site.  The post was about having company come in with fragrances, sitting on the furniture and causing the environment to no longer be safe.  It made me think about my own surroundings and guests.

I don’t have a lot of visitors into my home.  I think the biggest reason is that if you want to come visit me, you must put on a Tyvek suit.  The suit helps block out fragrances from laundry soap and keeps them from accumulating on my furniture, not that I have anything exciting but my wicker chairs do have fabric cushions.  The suit also prevents anyone who may have mold on their clothes from contaminating my home.  I know this may sound extreme, but I have been through a lot with my mold exposure.  The last thing I need is for my house to be cross contaminated with mold spores or mycotoxins and have nowhere to go.  There may come a day when I no longer have to be so careful; I just don’t know when that will be.

So until then, if you want to visit me or ride in my car, put on the Tyvek suit.  I buy a one size fits all (XXL).  If the sleeves or legs are too long, just roll them up.