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Rave Reviews Book Club

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One of the myriad of things I have been doing this past month is becoming a governing board member of a new Book Club, Rave Reviews Book Club founded by Nonnie Jules.  The club is open to authors and readers alike.  There is no fee to join.  To keep your membership, you must review four books during the course of 2014.

This is a great way for authors to get more spotlight on their works through features and reviews as well as sales, as members purchase the book(s) for review. When someone becomes a member of the club, their book(s) automatically goes into the selection pot.  Then, our Governing Board makes suggestions from that pot and then a vote is taken by the “GB”.  It is also a great place to find new and exciting books to read as well as participate in drawings and giveaways that will be featured throughout the year.

I am excited to be in on the ground floor of what I think will be a great Book Club and look forward to reading and reviewing the books of others.  I have talked many times how books took me away and continue to take me away when things are not going well with me or my health.  It is my intention to continue to highlight a book or author once a month here on my blog.

The Rave Reviews Book Club Governing Board has chosen Daydream’s Daughter, Nightmare’s Friend by author Nonnie Jules as our first book to read and review.

If you want to be a part of this new Book Club please, check out the FAQ’s and Member Information.