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Hypothyroidism and Food

Dr. Ron Overberg at Nutriwellness discusses foods that can be harmful to your thyroid if you suffer from hypothyroidism, a condition where the thyroid does not produce enough thyroid hormone.  Symptoms of hypothyroidism can be fatigue, brittle nails, intolerance to cold, depression and hoarseness.  I have dealt with all of these symptoms including weight gain and thinning of my hair.

I found the list of foods  (including millet and peaches) contained foods that I eat and probably should avoid.  I am very familiar with Dr. Overberg and have worked with him over the years.    He is the nutritionist at the Enviromental Health Center-Dallas run by Dr. William Rea.   If you, like I, suffer from hypothyroidism, you may want to read this.

I am currently on both T3 and T4 thyroid medication.    The hard part about the T3 medication is that it has to be taken twice a day.  I find taking the afternoon dose the hardest part of all.  Before I know it the day is gone and I realize I haven’t taken that second dose.  I am going to have to set a daily alarm reminder on my cell phone to remind me to take it.

My thyroid problem started when I started having the mold exposure and subsequent illnesses.  My thyroid became swollen and tender to the touch.  My doctor tried a short course of steroids thinking it was a reaction but it didn’t work.  My lab tests continually showed my levels in the normal range.  Finally my ENT, who knows I am anything but normal, decided that maybe this wasn’t my normal.  He initiated a low dose of thyroid medication and within a few days the swelling and tenderness disappeared.  I have a friend who had been told numerous times by different doctors that she was in the normal range and not treated.  Eventually she was given a low dose as well and is doing much better.  I guess unless we have ourselves tested early on we may never know what our true normal is.  How many of you who follow this blog have either hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism?