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I am Teasing

While preparing my manuscript, photos, etc. for submission to the publisher, I was asked for additional information:  about the author, about the book, and a 1000 maximum word “teaser”.  I am including a portion of that teaser in my blog today.  It was one of many scary adventures I have had since becoming sick and so sensitive to everything.  Do you think this would entice someone to want to find out more?

That afternoon I could start my treatment using the new IV site and the pump. I began my IV in the kitchen as usual and went into the living room to place the medication bag in the fanny pack that I had received the day before. I was beginning to put the medication bag in the fanny pack when I became very dizzy and decided to read the medication sheet to see if this was a side effect of the medication. Staggering into the kitchen with my medication and fanny pack, I frantically tried to read the data sheet.

By the time I reached the kitchen my vision was going and I could not read the paper. I knew that things were not right, and I hurriedly tried to reach the phone to call for help. As I started back into the living room, I began having difficulty walking. The IV bag dropped from my hands and dragged along the floor as I tried to get to the phone.

The phone was on the table near the sofa. I lost my balance and fell onto the glass coffee table and then landed on the floor between the sofa and the table. I tried to pick up the phone but I had no control over my arm. As hard as I tried, I could not get my arm to move for the phone.

Minutes seemed like hours. I cried and prayed. An eternity seemed to pass before I managed to get the phone in my hand, but it was no use to me if I had lost my vision and could not see the keypad. I tried frantically to just push buttons in hopes of at least getting the operator but nothing happened.

My fear began to grow. I was home alone and I could not get help. Rick had left for a doctor appointment as I was starting to prepare the IV. He would not be home for a while. I could not yell for help because no one would hear me, and at this point I kept going in and out of consciousness. I was so sure that Rick was going to arrive home from his appointment at the doctor to find me dead. I blacked out for a couple of minutes and then managed to find 9 on the keypad. I worked my fingers up and across until I was able to punch the 1 key.

Hopeful that I had punched the right keys, I waited for an answer at the other end. Then there was a voice. I made it through to 911. I spoke with the dispatcher and explained my situation. I told her that I was having an allergic reaction to medication and needed help. The dispatcher assured me that an ambulance was on the way.