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Catch-Up Monday – EMF Sensitivity: Effects on My Life (as told by Jennie Sherwin) – revisited

This post was originally shared on January 27, 2013.  I am so thankful to Jennie for sharing this with all of you.

My dear friend Jennie Sherwin wrote about this topic on her blog (Jennie’s original blog no longer exists.) You can follow her here on her new blog. Jennie has given me permission to include the contents of her post here. Yesterday I wrote about EMF and my experience with it. I also discussed briefly on how it deeply affected the lives of some amazing women I have met on my healing journey. 

EMF Sensitivity: Effects on My Life and Its Transformation through Energy Balancing Treatments

I am a survivor. I recovered from multiple chemical sensitivity as well as from sensitivity to electromagnetic fields. Because I recovered, I shared my story in my book, Intentional Healing: One Woman’s Path to Higher Consciousness and Freedom from Environmental and Other Chronic Illnesses.  When I speak about my experience at book signings and author talks, audience members often ask: “How did you know you had EMF sensitivity?” In truth, I was sensitive to electromagnetic fields for some time before I knew what I was experiencing. I remember feeling nervous when I sat in our breakfast nook under track lighting. We had been living in that condominium in New Orleans for almost three years when the nervousness started. I can recall feeling a buzz around me when I stood close to the mirror over the vanity in the bathroom, which was lighted with bulbs that fit into receptacles above the mirror. It was not until I entered treatment at Dr. Rea’s clinic in Dallas that I fully “unmasked” for EMF sensitivity, and it happened in a dramatic way. Here is an excerpt from my book:

“…. On Sunday early evening, as I was checking e-mail on my laptop, Pretty Woman was playing on one of the cable TV channels, and dinner was baking in the oven. All of a sudden, as I was typing, I felt a strange sensation. My fingers felt prickly. The sensation spread into my hands and up my arms. The next thing I knew waves of pain exploded in my chest, and I started shaking. I felt as if I had my finger in an electrical outlet and waves of electricity were coursing through my body. Electricity! That was it! I shut off the television, the computer, the oven, and all of the overhead lights. I sat in the dark, shaking, wondering if I was experiencing electro-magnetic field (EMF) sensitivity. Remember Susi who couldn’t use a telephone? She was EMF-sensitive, and for that reason she could not touch or be near a telephone or other devices that emitted electromagnetic fields for very long. My third week at the clinic had ended, and I found myself much sicker than when I had arrived. I was incredulous. It has gotten worse. I looked at the telephone and took a deep breath. Will I be able to use the phone? Tomorrow morning, Roger would call me, and I would know.”

The next morning when my husband called, I was on the line only a minute or two when the drama of the previous day was repeated. When I got to the clinic later that morning, I was told I had “unmasked” (become aware of a sensitivity that had been hidden to my perception because of more dominant sensitivities) for EMF sensitivity as a result of the detoxification process. Life from that moment entered a twilight zone reality for me. I felt electricity from anything that emitted an electromagnetic field: telephones, appliances, air cleaners, lights, hair dryers, computers, cell phones, compressors, wires, and cables. I felt as if I were continually plugged into an electrical outlet, and I thought my nervous system would be damaged from the assault.

At the clinic I was referred to Deborah Singleton, founder and president of the Arasini Foundation and director of A Healing Place, and her healing team. With their guidance, I learned to quiet my energy fields, clear an EMF reaction, and maintain my personal energies in balance in order to heal. I attribute my ability to benefit fully from the treatment at the clinic and transform my perception of electromagnetic fields from illness to a tool I now use for information to the energy balancing treatments and the guidance I received at A Healing Place

How this transformation came about, as well as some of the exercises and practices I learned at A Healing Place, is outlined in my book (Allergic to Life:  My Battle for Survival, Courage, and Hope).

Hope Grants

My dear friend Jennie Sherwin (author of Intentional Healing:  One Woman’s Path to Higher Consciousness and Freedom from Environmental and Other Chronic Illnesses) sent this to me today via email.  I am sharing it with you, my viewers.

HOPE Grants

$100 cash grants for people who have
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) or Electro-Magnetic Sensitivity (EMS)
and who are homeless

The HOPE grants were established by an anonymous donor who has MCS and EMS, who has faced 20 years of trying to find and keep safe housing, and who knows what it’s like to be homeless.
The donor would like to provide some hope—to people with MCS or EMS and who are homeless—through direct $100 cash grants that recipients can use for any purpose. Although the grants may be small (from the donor’s modest savings), they come with great admiration, empathy, and encouragement.

It’s easy to apply.
Please write a short letter (three pages, maximum) addressed to the donor (“Anne”), telling her about the following:
(1) Yourself.
(2) Your homeless situation.
(3) How $100 would help you.
(4) How you like to help others.
(5) How you have experienced hope while being homeless.
(6) Contact information: your name, e-mail address, and postal address. All information will be held in complete confidence.
Please e-mail your letter to

For those people that don’t have access to a computer – you can mail your application to
Hope Grants
c/o Scott Killingsworth
PO Box 36
Bouse, AZ 85325

Letters of application will be accepted until March 25, 2013. Grants will be determined in April, and applicants will be notified. The donor expects that up to 10 grants will be awarded.