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EMF Sensitivity: Effects on My Life (as told by Jennie Sherwin)

My dear friend Jennie Sherwin wrote about this topic on her blog. Jennie has given me permission to include the contents of her post here. Yesterday I wrote about EMF and my experience with it. I also discussed briefly on how it deeply affected the lives of some amazing women I have met on my healing journey. Jennie is also graciously giving away ten autographed copies at goodreads.com.

EMF Sensitivity: Effects on My Life and Its Transformation through Energy Balancing Treatments

I am a survivor. I recovered from multiple chemical sensitivity as well as from sensitivity to electromagnetic fields. Because I recovered, I shared my story in my book, Intentional Healing: One Woman’s Path to Higher Consciousness and Freedom from Environmental and Other Chronic Illnesses.  When I speak about my experience at book signings and author talks, audience members often ask: “How did you know you had EMF sensitivity?” In truth, I was sensitive to electromagnetic fields for some time before I knew what I was experiencing. I remember feeling nervous when I sat in our breakfast nook under track lighting. We had been living in that condominium in New Orleans for almost three years when the nervousness started. I can recall feeling a buzz around me when I stood close to the mirror over the vanity in the bathroom, which was lighted with bulbs that fit into receptacles above the mirror. It was not until I entered treatment at Dr. Rea’s clinic in Dallas that I fully “unmasked” for EMF sensitivity, and it happened in a dramatic way. Here is an excerpt from my book:

“…. On Sunday early evening, as I was checking e-mail on my laptop, Pretty Woman was playing on one of the cable TV channels, and dinner was baking in the oven. All of a sudden, as I was typing, I felt a strange sensation. My fingers felt prickly. The sensation spread into my hands and up my arms. The next thing I knew waves of pain exploded in my chest, and I started shaking. I felt as if I had my finger in an electrical outlet and waves of electricity were coursing through my body. Electricity! That was it! I shut off the television, the computer, the oven, and all of the overhead lights. I sat in the dark, shaking, wondering if I was experiencing electro-magnetic field (EMF) sensitivity. Remember Susi who couldn’t use a telephone? She was EMF-sensitive, and for that reason she could not touch or be near a telephone or other devices that emitted electromagnetic fields for very long. My third week at the clinic had ended, and I found myself much sicker than when I had arrived. I was incredulous. It has gotten worse. I looked at the telephone and took a deep breath. Will I be able to use the phone? Tomorrow morning, Roger would call me, and I would know.”

The next morning when my husband called, I was on the line only a minute or two when the drama of the previous day was repeated. When I got to the clinic later that morning, I was told I had “unmasked” (become aware of a sensitivity that had been hidden to my perception because of more dominant sensitivities) for EMF sensitivity as a result of the detoxification process. Life from that moment entered a twilight zone reality for me. I felt electricity from anything that emitted an electromagnetic field: telephones, appliances, air cleaners, lights, hair dryers, computers, cell phones, compressors, wires, and cables. I felt as if I were continually plugged into an electrical outlet, and I thought my nervous system would be damaged from the assault.

At the clinic I was referred to Deborah Singleton, founder and president of the Arasini Foundation and director of A Healing Place, and her healing team. With their guidance, I learned to quiet my energy fields, clear an EMF reaction, and maintain my personal energies in balance in order to heal. I attribute my ability to benefit fully from the treatment at the clinic and transform my perception of electromagnetic fields from illness to a tool I now use for information to the energy balancing treatments and the guidance I received at A Healing Place

How this transformation came about, as well as some of the exercises and practices I learned at A Healing Place, is outlined in my book. Go to Goodreads.com and look for the giveaway of my book. The promotion runs for one month, and readers have the chance to win one of ten autographed copies.

Don’t touch that button!

According to an article in the March 26, 2012 issue of “First for Women”, Dr. William Rea (director of the Environmental Health Center-Dallas) is quoted as saying women with multiple chemical sensitivity are at a greater risk of developing electromagnetic field (EMF) sensitivity. Dr. Rea believes that a reaction to chemicals can damage cell membranes, making women more vulnerable to the harmful effects of electrical signals from computers, TVs, Wi-Fi and cell phones.  Just the touch of the computer keypad can or the buttons on a cell phone can send someone into excruciating pain.

Electromagnetic Field Sensitivity (EMF) can present itself as headaches, muscle pain and fatigue. It can also cause a feeling as if one had stuck their finger in an electrical outlet. Some women have complained of feeling pain in their chest and buzzing in their heads. I can remember when my reactions were at their worst, I would get a shock wave sensation in my head. The shock wave would feel like electricity was being fed through my left ear, run right through my brain and exit the right ear. This shock wave sensation would go on for an extended period of time. As my reactions calmed somewhat, those sensations would lessen but return in the testing room if I was testing something especially difficult on me (chemicals, molds, mycotoxins).

I have experienced first hand what other women have gone through. My first true view of life with EMF was in 2002. I had only been in Dallas for a few days when a woman was walking around with a shirt tied around her head. How strange I thought. She didn’t speak much at first but we soon became friends. After talking with her, I soon discovered that she suffered from EMF. She explained it to me and said that she couldn’t have the television on in her condo and she couldn’t stand in front of the stove. Because I was able to do these things, she approached me one day to see if I would be willing to take her food and cook it for her on my stove or in my oven. She has greatly improved over the years and is now tolerating more than when we first met.

My second experience with EMF was with my friend Jennie Sherwin author of “Intentional Healing: One Woman’s Path to Higher Consciousness and Freedom from Environmental and other Chronic Illnesses”. I met Jennie in January of 2003 when I had returned to Dallas for surgery and further testing at the Environmental Health Center-Dallas with Dr. Rea. I remember walking into Jennie’s condos to the very dim glow of low watt bulbs. I remember what she had to do in order to just cook her food or answer the landline phone in her condo. I remember vividly Jennie’s husband taking her to the center and her climbing in the backseat of the car because all the controls on the dashboard would cause pain to course through to her heart. Jennie has experienced an amazing recovery and her book is a true inspiration. I will be posting tomorrow from Jennie’s blog regarding her experience with EMF.

I met two other such women suffering from sensitivities to electromagnetic fields during my visit to Dallas in 2003. One had her young daughter with her. Because I was able to have the television on, the daughter would come to my condo for a short time each evening to watch it with me. My other friend developed it while I was there in 2003. She still has a very difficult time with it today.

You may remember my post on my recent acquisition of an e-book reader. I mentioned that I chose the Wi-Fi version because it could be turned off and I wouldn’t have to sit and have a book in my lap or hand for hours with it drawing the Wi-Fi signal.

Not all Environmental Illness Patients Are Equal

People have often asked why there  aren’t more support groups where sufferers with MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) can gather. One thing I discovered in the beginning of this journey is that we don’t all have the same sensitivities, sensitivity levels or tolerances when it comes to MCS.  While I may tolerate newsprint and be able to read books, another friend cannot.  While one friend may tolerate a certain fragrance free shampoo, I may not.  Trying to get people together with such different and extreme sensitivities along the spectrum is often difficult.  There is also the difference in sensitivities to public buildings.  Where could we meet?

I had a friend when I was in treatment in Dallas who needed to stay in my room for a while.  In order for her to stay, I needed to keep all my books and papers in Ziploc bags.  I could not have the water on in the condo while she was there because she was too sensitive to the chemicals in it.  While I couldn’t drink the water (which was filtered) I could still wash my hands in it and wash out my clothes.  I made concessions for her to be able to stay with me.

Mold exposure sufferers have yet another problem.  While there are those who are ill from a mold exposure, they may not have made the heart wrenching decision to part with their belongings or even know that these belongings could be keeping them ill.  Being around someone’s belongings that have mold spores can send me into a severe reaction.  Again, where would we meet?  Trying to find a safe place that does not either have mold or chemicals that more than one person can tolerate presents problems.

Finally there are also those with electromagnetic field sensitivity (EMF).  These people deal with the horrible pain associated with electromagnetic waves.  Something as simple as a cell phone can send them into excruciating pain.  Wireless internet, computers, televisions and for some the electromagnetic waves coming off their stoves when ovens are turned on can cause pain.  One of my best friends would not be able to come into my home until I turned everything off: my cell phone, the computer, the television, unplug the cordless phone, the oven.  I would also have to put my books away in plastic bags or tubs.

We are all suffering the same and yet we are so very different.  I would love to meet with others but finding others with the same or similar sensitivities as me is not easy.