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I know this feeling well!

Hello All

Well I have finally run into the wall so to speak.  My body hurts like the flu (but I know it isn’t the flu).  I know this feeling all too well.  It happened when my husband had his heart attack and by-pass surgery.  I was making the same hour-long drive to and from the hospital day in and day out to make sure he was okay.

My sister is taking mom today.  I will ride up later with my daughter (she is driving) because she has an appointment near the hospital.  I will pop in and come back home.

I am spending the morning and  most of the day just resting.  I tried going to bed to see if I could sleep but that wasn’t happening (most likely because I slept soundly all night despite what my body is telling me).  I just poured myself a cup of hot green tea and will just sit and clean out my email.  This doesn’t require any unusual energy expenditure and I am sitting (not cleaning my dirty floors that haven’t been done in the nearly two weeks dad has been in the hospital, not cleaning toilets that need cleaned, or doing any other household chore).  Sitting here quietly is keeping me engaged and my mind busy enough to override the intense desire to clean house.

Keep me in your thoughts.  I actually have some ideas for posts which, if my mind will allow, may get drafted today.



What’s in My MCS Emergency Kit?

Not too long ago I read a post about having an MCS Emergency Kit.  The link was posted on sondasmcschatter.  The link connected me with myhealthmaven.

The topic of the post intrigued me so I took a look.  It made me think about what I have as an emergency kit.  I flagged the post and decided I would write more on it at another time.

The hints were to always check your emergency kit to make sure it has everything, to keep a note in your wallet or purse about your illness and reactions (I use a Medic Alert bracelet.), to have an emergency list of contacts (in my cell phone and through Medic Alert), and to be sure all these items are accessible.

What’s in My Emergency Kit

A TYVEK SUIT  (to use if a building I need to enter is suspect or if I accidentally get exposed I can cover my clothes until I can get home and remove them in the garage).  The site listed a change of clothes.  Once I have been exposed trying to find a safe place to change those clothes or to have the clarity is not always possible.  It is much easier to throw on the suit.

LARGE BLACK GARBAGE BAGS to put items in that may have been contaminated  (which once was my purse and shoes because I couldn’t cover them with a  tyvek suit).   They are also great for my passenger’s items that need to go with them.

SMALL GARBAGE BAGS for items that need to be covered to protect me but are too small to use the larger bags.  Once a garbage bag came in handy to cover my daughter’s hair.

MASK – I carry one in my purse but usually have a spare one in the console compartment.  I have been known to use my mask, stick it in a pocket of my jeans and forget to take it out until doing laundry.  I have gone to a store only to have to turn around and go home and get my mask or sit in the car and let someone else go in for me.

HISTAMINE – I carry a pouch in my purse with a vial of histamine, syringes, and an ice pack to keep it cool.

EPI-PEN – The histamine usually is all I need for a bad a reaction but the epi-pen is my back up just in case.

VITAMIN C – I usually have some in my purse but try to keep a small bottle in the car just in case.

ALBUTEROL INHALER – Sometimes the coughing becomes so bad that I need a little extra help with my lungs.

WATER – I keep a glass bottle of water with me at all times.  I use Mountain Valley Spring Water in glass.

The site also mentioned what to do after an exposure.

CLOTHES – I come home, remove my clothes, and put them in the washer with baking soda, my safe laundry detergent and sometimes powdered milk.  I let them soak for a while and then wash.  If I also had on a tyvek suit, it needs to be tossed in the garbage.

SHOWER – I shower to remove as much as I can from my skin and hair.

REST –  I also have learned that eating often helps get the metabolism going and help eliminate things from my system faster.

SUPPORT – If the reaction is very bad, I schedule an appointment with my acupuncturist and also try to schedule an IV of Vitamin C, Glutathione, and Magnesium.

I would like to thank my healthmaven for writing on this subject and sondasmcschatter for sharing it.