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And The Winners Are….


The Allergic to Life Giveaway is over and I am excited that there were 496 entrants in the Goodreads Giveaway. Goodreads selected the three winners and all books are on their way.  One of the winners is a fellow Rave Reviews Book Club member, Kenneth Kerr. Congratulations Kenneth your book is on its way!

During my Giveaway, I promised that I would also give away three e-books. Using a generating tool, I entered the names of all the contestants who commented on my giveaway blog posts. I have sent an email to each winner with information on how to claim their prize. Congratulations to:

Jill Ward


Ruby Benasky

Because of the number of those commenting, I chose to have one more name selected. I would also like to congratulate: Princess and the Pea.

My “Allergic to Life” Giveaway Ends Soon!

Hi Everyone

First let me thank all of my new followers. I have been away dealing with my deep vein thrombosis.  I will write more on that after I meet with the hematologist tomorrow afternoon.

It is hard to believe it has been a year since Allergic to Life was published. Where did that year go? So much has happened since then.  If you haven’t already signed up to receive one of three signed copies or the chance for one of three e-book copies, please read the giveaway information below.

To celebrate this amazing year and all the wonderful people I have met, I am giving away three signed copies of Allergic to Life (US Only) on Goodreads.  I am sorry that I can’t do signed copies for those of you outside the US.  I am going to also give away three e-book copies to anyone outside the US. To receive an e-book copy, simply leave a comment below on why you would like to receive a copy. The contest will run from August 30, 2014 through October 30, 2014, my birthday.

Allergic to Life’s 1 Year Anniversary

Book Cover

What a ride it has been since Allergic to Life: My Battle for Survival, Courage, and Hope debuted last year.  I have been fortunate to have had my first blog tour with some of my amazing followers as well as through Rave Reviews Book Club. It was amazing being  spotlighted with both PNP Authors and Rave Reviews Book Club. Allergic to Life has received some wonderful reviews and exposure as well.

This past October I celebrated in a BIG way by having a book launch party at the home of my dear friends Steve and Victoria.

A book can never have too much exposure


A friend and classmate Jerri Hansen, author of Fences and My Life on the other side of the Tracks,  surprised me with a book trailer she had made for me.



I also had a book trailer made from Nonnie Jules, author of Daydream’s Daughter, Nightmare’s Friend and the Good Mommie’s Guide and owner of 4WillsPublishingthat features music made specifically for the trailer.  



Pattimari Cacciolfi, author of Sometimes our Greatest Misery is our Greatest Happiness and Stolen Identity, of PNP Authors made a book trailer introducing me and Allergic to Life.

To celebrate this amazing year and all the wonderful people I have met, I am giving away three signed copies of Allergic to Life (US Only) on Goodreads.  I am sorry that I can’t do signed copies for those of you outside the US.  I am going to also give away three e-book copies to anyone outside the US. To receive an e-book copy, simply leave a comment below on why you would like to receive a copy. The contest will run from August 30, 2014 through October 30, 2014.

I appreciate the support all of you have given me not only on this blog but with my book as well.  You are all so very wonderful!

Allergic to Life can be purchased at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  Signed copies may be purchased at Kathryn’s website.


Connect with Kathryn:





WordPress –   allergictolifemybattle or BeMyGuest


Hello Everyone

I hope you enjoyed the Book Blog Tour stops this week with Amanda and Rachel.  There are two stops left and they will be on my Two For Tuesday scheduled on October 22nd.  I will be hosted by Amy of adventures of an allergic foodie and Shanna of lipreading mom.

Yesterday I went up to the mountains where my daughter lives to get my hair cut.  Before leaving, I contacted the owner of the health food store about speaking with him about my book.  I met with him (very nice gentleman) and copies of my book are now on consignment there.  As he agreed to take them on consignment, he said he could do something else for me.  I asked what and he said he would love to offer a book signing for me there on a Saturday.  Looks like as soon as I recoup from all that is currently going on I will be doing another book signing.  They will list it on their website and put up flyers.  HOORAY!

I am, as I am sure you all can imagine,  exhausted.  I did an IV this morning which will help me but also makes me tired because of all the magnesium.  I am going to get the paper-cutter out and make my drawing tags and tags for the snacks labeling them gluten-free, dairy-free, etc. and pick up the office and get things organized.

Tomorrow my wonderful husband is taking me away from it all for the day to my most favorite place to be so that I will be rested and renewed in time to for Friday’s bake-a-thon and Saturdays book launch party.

I am not sure I will be posting again until after the party, depending on how my days are going. 

In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget the drawings on Rafflecopter and Goodreads.  The Goodreads drawing ends Saturday night.

Book Blog Tour: Day 11

Do you look sick?  Rachel doesn’t look sick despite her painful ordeal with the invisible chronic illness of endometriosis. 

Today I have the honor of being hosted by Rachel of do I look sick.  Rachel and I have been following each other for about a year.  I have learned a lot about endometriosis through Rachel’s blog.  She devotes time talking about endometriosis and in sharing stories of others who deal with chronic invisible illnesses.

I have one thing in common with Rachel, endometriosis.  Well I had endometriosis but the doctors thought it was ovarian cancer.  I scare in 2002 sent me back to Dallas for a hysterectomy.  There was a 50/50 chance that I had ovarian cancer.  As it turned out I had stage 4 endometriosis.  I blame this on the mold exposure and all the things that it did to disrupt my hormone system and my immune system.

Rachel is also a professional editor for movie commercials (that sounds like a fun job).  That explains why I love her blog so much.  Not only does she provide information, she always has great photos and video clips.  I might be able to get a movie clip on my blog but first I would have to be able to think of one that ties in with my post.  That isn’t likely. My brain just doesn’t work that way.

Please stop by and visit with Rachel, read my interview, and check out some of her other posts.  I think will you see why I like going there as well.

Don’t forget to also enter the Rafflecopter giveaway for a chance of one of three signed copies of Allergic to Life  through the link on her blog for those in the US or a gift card to purchase the book for those outside the US.  You can also enter the Goodreads giveaway where I will also be giving away three signed copies in the US.  The Goodreads giveaway runs through this coming Saturday, October 19th.

Book Blog Tour: Day 10

We are nearing the end of the Book Blog Tour.  I have two tour stops this week so this will give you all extra time to make sure you visit all the previous stops of the book tour and enter to win a signed copy through rafflecopter.

Book Blog Tour Day 10 is  being hosted by Amanda of celiac and allergy adventures.  I have been following Amanda for almost as long as my blog as been in existence.  Not only does Amanda suffer from celiac disease, she also suffers from asthma, food allergies and eczema.  I have learned a lot about her journey through following her blog and am glad that we connected in the blogosphere.

Some of the things I have learned from Amanda through her blog and through the About Me section of her blog are that we are similar in some ways:

  • We both have had anaphylactic reactions to food but I have not gone into respiratory arrest as Amanda has done.
  • Like Amanda, I refuse to let these conditions be all that I am and totally dominate my life.
  • I, too, want my blog to serve as useful information and a way to share my experiences.
  • I love coconut.  Amanda loves mounds bars.  I bet she would love the chocolate almond joy bars I am baking on Friday for my Book Launch Party this upcoming Saturday.
  • We both like to shop online.  Face it is easier for me and keeps me out of the way of all those nasty chemicals.

Unlike Amanda I do not like:

  • Used bookstores – too much dust and mold for me.
  • I am not a fan anymore of grilled cheese sandwiches for two reasons (My only cheese options are mozzarella or provolone and breads have yeast which I have a severe allergies.)
  • I do not like horror stories or anything morbid.

Please stop and visit Amanda on Day 10 of my book blog tour.  You may find that you have things in common with her as well even if you don’t suffer from allergies or celiac disease and choose to follow on her journey as well.

Don’t forget there is a Rafflecopter giveaway throughout this book tour where three signed copies of Allergic to Life will be given away.

My Goodreads giveaway of three additional signed copies ends on Saturday, October 19th.  If you haven’t entered there, it gives you  more chances at winning.

Goodreads Giveaway

I told you that I would be giving three additional signed copies (US Only) on Goodreads.  I am excited to tell you that the giveaway starts today, September 19th and runs through Saturday, October 19th.  Please use this link to take you to the Goodreads site where you can register for the giveaway.

I wish you all the best of luck in the giveaway.

Allergic to Life is now live on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

I have been debating about when to announce this WONDERFUL NEWS.  As you all know I have ordered invitations and postcards to notify friends and family of the great news about the book’s release.  My original thought was to wait until I mailed out the notices to announce this followed by the start of the book blog tour featuring TEN amazing blog hosts that I can’t wait to tell you about. 

Today my intuition said just GO FOR IT!  It is okay to announce the news now and still send out my wonderful invitations and postcards next week. 




Cover1FinalFrontThis weekend I will be setting things up for the autographed copies to be purchased from my website via Paypal for those in the US.  (I received word that the books I ordered have been shipped and I should have them any day now.)

Here are the links for Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  I will announce here on the blog as soon as the Paypal link has been set up.

The book blog tour starts Monday, September 30th, culminating on Friday, October 11th.   More information on that will be coming soon.  I will be giving away three autographed copies through Rafflecopter in conjunction with the tour. 

I am also giving away three autographed copies through a goodreads promotion that starts next week and runs for a month (I will announce it the day it starts.)

I am over the moon with excitement.  Today was going to be my day to finish the guest blog post and the interview questions for one of my hosts but I just couldn’t wait any longer to share this news!   The notes for the blog post and the interview questions  are still sitting here on my desk and will get done later today after my interview on slushheap.  I will post a link to that this evening or tomorrow when I have it.

OKAY!  I am off to eat some lunch and get my office clean from the webcam’s view at least.  Thank you all for your wonderful support.