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As most of you know from following along here with me that I have major sinus issues. It all started when I was exposed to mold in my work place and then it decided to set up housekeeping in my sinuses, my left sinus in particular. I was instructed to irrigate my sinuses daily and up to four times a day when fighting an infection or allergens. I have irrigated always with salt water but at times have also added baking soda, betadine or silver. Sometimes upping the amount of irrigating helps keep an infection away and sometimes it doesn’t.

I have had numerous sinus surgeries but thankfully nothing since 2003. I take antifungals as well to keep the fungus in check.

Simply Saline® Nasal Relief There is a simple saline nasal spray that some have used to keep their sinuses clear and help with swelling and inflammation.

 Some swear by their Neti pots.

Product DetailsThen there is this contraption.

What my doctor recommended, however, is the Grossan Sinus Irrigating system.  I have immotile cilia most likely from all the infections.  What I like about my Grossan system is that there is a pulse to the water similar to a Waterpik.  I can adjust the flow and pulse of the water entering my sinuses thereby getting more of the mucous to come out of my sinuses.  This is the system I now use.  I also now buy Saline Solution from the pharmacy rather than having to mix my own.

My Sinus Irrigating System

My Sinus Irrigating System