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My Gut Instinct or Lesser of Two Evils

I have posted about my problem tooth.  My biological dentist wanted me to go to a very specific oral surgeon that he works with.  I phoned the oral surgeon’s office and was not very excited about what I was told regarding candles in their office.

Determined to find another office I tried one locally and did not do well.  This set me off in search of an oral surgeon who didn’t have air fresheners or candles in the office.  I phoned another local office and was told that they also used air fresheners but they were willing to let me go through the back of the office and check out one of the surgery rooms.  I had planned on trying Monday but wasn’t able to make it there.  I phoned an oral surgeon out-of-town and was told that they didn’t have air fresheners but they had dealt with water leaks in the building.

A few days ago a friend had posted on her Facebook page a thank you to her dentist for fixing a chipped tooth.

Me:  I replied that I still hadn’t found a safe dentist.   Dentist: The dentist replied that he knew a very good dentist.  Me: I again replied does he have air fresheners or candles.  Dentist: The dentist replied that he so had air fresheners.  Me:  Why do so many doctors and dentists feel the need?  Dentist: Because all the chemicals used in a dentist’s office give it a unique and unpleasant smell.  I remember hating the smell of the dentist’s office when I was a little girl but why add insult to injury by adding more chemicals to cover up the other chemicals?  I just don’t get it.

Yesterday my husband had a doctor’s appointment out-of-town.  The same town where the oral surgeon’s office is that my biological dentist had wanted me to use.  I rode with my husband and sat in the car during his doctor appointment.  We then drove to the oral surgeon’s office with the understanding that my husband would go in first and if he wasn’t totally blown away, I would step in and check it out.  He waved me in.  I walked in and even with my mask could smell the remnants of fragrance.  I asked if it was possible to be shown to one of their inner rooms.  I walked in, removed my mask, and immediately became hoarse which was not unexpected.  We talked about my sensitivities and I asked if the surgeon wore cologne and she said yes but because they had worked with my dentist, they would make sure not to wear anything the day of the visit.  While I didn’t feel good (I don’t feel great in my biological dentist’s office either), I didn’t have my throat swell on the way to the car or have to take histamine nor did I spend yesterday afternoon or today in bed.

The bottom line:  While I am still not sure if I feel totally comfortable at this office or am totally sure it is the right choice based on my gut instinct, it is the lesser of all the other evils.  This tooth has to come out to cut down on inflammation and to avoid the possibility of more infection because I only have a temporary crown.  My other option is a crown lengthening procedure that I won’t even post a link to because it made me sick looking at what is done during one.  On our way home I phoned my dentist and had them make the referral.  I will only take a first morning appointment (hopefully on a Monday) and will have to coordinate to have acupuncture afterwards.

I am unhappy that I have to override my instincts.