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It’s an ahem milestone birthday!

I won’t say how old I am but it is one of those darn milestone birthdays. You know, the ones they make special cards for.

happy birthday to me

The interesting thing about this is that since becoming ill, I feel like I am in a time warp. There are many years that are totally lost in my mind. I remember what happened and all the bad things I went through during those years but yet it feels as if they didn’t happen. I shouldn’t be this age! It is like somehow even though my body and mirror tell the truth that indeed I am older, there is something in my brain that still cannot register those “lost” years.

1999 Just getting sick.

I am not complaining about getting older, we all do it. And I am forever grateful that I have made it to this birthday. There were many days that I didn’t know if I would make it through the day, the week, much less to experience this monumental birthday.


My husband took me to lunch today to a special place where I can eat outdoors and they will accommodate all my food allergies. My daughter is fixing me dinner tonight.


Happy Birthday To Me!

Well Halloween is tomorrow and today is my birthday.  I was born the day before Halloween a few years ago (ha – thought you could get me to say when didn’t you).

I have been sick for so many birthdays that I have not wanted to plan anything or do anything.  Either I was too sick or had just received bad news from some test or lab work.  I received news that it was possible I had ovarian cancer just before a birthday.  On another birthday I was told that I had to have a biopsy on my breast because the mammogram and ultrasound showed something suspicious.  My birthday month has been a month I want to just skip over.

This year I decided that I was not having a mammogram or any major testing until after the first of the year.  I am going to have a birthday month that is stress free.  Of course I did have some stress preparing for the wonderful book blog tour getting my posts ready and planning my book launch party for the release of Allergic to Life.  But that was a stress I didn’t mind having.  It has been an exciting and wonderful month for me.  I have reconnected with so many people as a result of the book and my story.  One of those that I have reconnected with invited me to lunch yesterday at an outdoor café that I have been able to go to.  There is one item on the menu that I do okay with.  It was a lovely hour and a half visit.  I am blessed to have some of these wonderful people back into my life.

During my many posts I have talked about not having my photos and haven’t seen my mother’s photo albums in years.  My sister and I sat outside my mother’s house a few weeks ago and she put photos out for my sister and I to see.  I managed to take a quick snapshot of three of them with my camera.  Mom has promised me she will get them scanned so I can have copies printed.  You have seen pictures of me sick and I thought I would share some pictures when I was little and carefree.


My baby sister, my handsome dad, myself, and my Revlon doll.

My baby sister, my handsome dad, myself, and my Revlon doll.

I love this picture - My mom made my sister and I these outfits.  Mine was pink and hers was blue.

I love this picture – My mom made my sister and I these outfits. Mine was pink and hers was blue.