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The Good Old Days – or were they?

Many times, I have found myself making comments such as “in my old life” I did this or I could do that.  I am always referring to how much better my life was “in my old life”.

Toni Bernhard, author of How to Be Sick and How to Wake Up, is also a contributor to Psychology Today.  Last month she posted on the good old days syndrome.  I read this post and it got me to thinking.  Maybe everything about my old life was as good as I remember it.  Yes there were things I could do and things that were possible for me to do in that old life.  But was I doing everything I could?  Was it as perfect as I remember it?  Of course not.

I think you will enjoy Toni’s post.  It definitely got me to thinking and maybe I won’t be so quick to compare my life to my old life.



Not-To-Do List

How many times have I talked about my to-do list or lists in general?  Probably more times than you wanted to hear about.  Today I am going to talk about a Not-To-Do List.  Author Toni Bernhard (How to Be Sick and How to Wake Up) writes a blog post titled Turning Straw into Gold for Psychology Today.  Earlier this month she wrote a post titled “A Not-To-Do List for the Chronically Ill“.  The post offers eight tips on what not to do when you are chronically ill.

Toni has lived with chronic illness for over ten years and her insight about dealing with chronic illness and how we often treat ourselves when we are chronically sick has provided a great deal of help to others. 

I think you will enjoy Toni’s Not-To-Do List as much as I did.




12 Tips from 12 Years Sick

Toni Bernhard, author of How to Be Sick: A Buddhist Inspired Guide for the Chronically Ill and their Caregivers inspired me with her way of dealing with being chronically ill.  I have not had the pleasure yet of reading her newly released book Wake Up: A Buddhist-Inspired Guide to Navigating Joy and Sorrow.  Toni writes from the comfort of her bed.  In fact because of her illness, she spends a great deal of her time in bed.

Not only is she a wonderful author, Toni Bernhard writes for psychology today.  I recently read her article 12 Tips from 12 Years Sick.  Her 12 tips are insightful and are something I strive to remember and put into place.  For those of you suffering from chronic illness, I think you will enjoy this article.