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Do you get what you give?

Life is an Echo

Life is an Echo

I have read many times things like:  “you reap what you sow  and “what goes around, comes around”.

We have all been told to treat others as we would want to be treated.  I truly believe that if you send good thoughts, good thoughts will come to you.  If you treat someone with respect you will be treated with respect.

Of course sometimes you can be the kindest person and say something wonderful and have the person receiving your kindness be mean and disrespectful to you.  I have had this happen with doctors who do not understand or believe that their treatment is the only treatment for me and do not want to hear what has worked or not worked for me.  When this happens, I remind myself that not everyone I meet is going to be this way.

Still, I try to instill in my life the words of this quote.  I try my best to send out positive in hopes of receiving positive in return.  I have received much positive from writing this blog in the friendships I have made through my blogging and the positive comments I have received to my posts.

How is your echo?