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Book Giveaway from Lipreading Mom

Shanna has been a follower of my blog for quite some time and hosted me on day 12 (Two for Tuesday) of my book blog tour.  I reblogged this to my “Be My Guest” blog and then realized I couldn’t reblog it a second time.  My way around it was, to copy the post from Shanna’s blog directly into this post.  I hope you don’t mind Shanna but I wanted to share this with my readers here as well. This book is on my TBR list because I feel compelled to read her story.

Book Giveaway: Celebrate the One-Year Anniversary of My Memoir

Confessions Cover 3D

“I was already eager for the hospital stay to end. No more visiting nurses asking me soft-spoken questions that the ringing noise (in my ears) wouldn’t let me hear.” -Chapter One,Confessions of a Lip Reading Mom

One year ago, I published Confessions of a Lip Reading Mom. The book shares the six years of my life immediately after being diagnosed with progressive hearing loss in 2001. I was a new mom with a persistent ringing sound in the ears that kept me awake long after my newborn son fell asleep. Would I hear him wake? How could I keep him safe if I couldn’t hear his whisper-soft breathing?

Writing the book caused me to relive the most painful and inspiring years I’ve experienced… The birth of my children. The continued loss of hearing. My baby’s first words. Not being able to hear those words. Depression. Blessed help. A family member’s unexpected death. Grace.

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Deadline: Friday, March 14.

Book Blog Tour: Day 12/TWO FOR TUESDAY

Today I have the distinct honor of being hosted by two amazing women on their blogs.  Therefore, today is Two for Tuesday.

ARE YOU AN ALLERGIC FOODIE?  DO MOST OF THE FOODS YOU LOVE MAKE YOU ILL?  Amy of adventures of an allergic foodie  suffers from severe food allergies and will be hosting me on her site where I will be answering some of Amy’s questions.  Amy has chosen to post my interview in two parts (today and tomorrow).  I have been following Amy for about a year and love reading what she has to say about her food allergies and how she deals with them.  One of the first things I did when I started following her was to check Amy’s “About Me” page.  The following sentence caught my eye:  I can’t possibly list all the foods I’m allergic to, but believe me when I say there are few cookbook recipes or restaurant meals I don’t have to modify. Wow, her list of food allergies must look like mine.  There was a time when I only had nine safe foods to eat. And add in celiac disease as well.

I like Amy’s attitude: I do believe obstacles are put in our lifepaths for a reason–and I don’t know about you, but I’m not about to let food allergies hold me back!  It took me a while to realize there had to be a reason for my illness and I needed to take back control of my life in any way possible.

CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?  The phrase that we often associate with the Verizon cellphone commercial leads me into my second host for today.  I am being hosted by Shanna of lipreading mom who manages everyday life as a mother of three struggling with hearing loss.  She was just 27 at the time.  Shanna’s blog talks about hearing loss, bullying for those that are deaf or hard of hearing, and takes a pro-active stand to help others.  I can’t imagine what it must be like to not be able to understand your child when they are talking to you.  I am thankful that she is bringing awareness to this.

Please visit lipreading mom and read my interview with Shanna.  Then take some time to browse around her blog and learn more about the amazing things she does to help and support others.

Don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway through the links on their blogs for the chance to win one of three signed copies (US Only) or a gift card to purchase the book for those outside the US.