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What Is She Saying?

Today is day 11 of my “Spotlight” Author blog tour through Rave Reviews Book Club. I am being hosted by fellow RRBC member, Marlena Hand on her blog Life as I know It.

What Is She Saying?

I am not a part of this world
When I speak, strange
terms come from my lips
People look at me with my mask
as if I am an alien
Holed up here inside my room—
stripped bare of carpet

To read more of my guest blog post and learn what Marlena has to say, visit her blog using the link above.  Please take a moment to thank her for hosting me.

Conversations Over Milk and Cookies with Kindle Ninja

By now you all know that I am a proud member of the Rave Reviews Book Club Board serving as its Membership Director.

Rave Reviews Book Club is growing rapidly.  Besides the benefits of getting more name recognition as well as increased sales and reviews, there is another wonderful benefit of being a member of this AWESOME book club.  This wonderful benefit is meeting and interacting with other readers and authors.  These wonderful people will surprise you with the most amazing opportunities.  A few days ago I was asked by one of our newest members @kindleninja  of Kindle Ninja Book Reviews to do an interview.  He is uplifting my fellow board members and myself through a segment on his blog entitled, Conversations Over Milk and Cookies.  You may view my conversation here.

While you are visiting there, please make sure to take a peak at Episode 1 with our club’s secretary, Marlena Hand, and Episode 2 with our club’s Incentives Coordinator, Teri Garringer.  Please also check out Episode 4 with our club’s Welcoming Director, Leisl Kaberry and Episode 5 with our Reviews Coordinator, Beem Weeks.

As new episodes appear, I will come back here and update this blog post.