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Relaxed and De-Stressed

I am relaxed and de-stressed.  So much so that I thought I would watch some video clips on youtube about the new Google+ but can’t seem to focus or concentrate on them.   I just want to sit and do nothing.

It has been over two years since I have had the luxury of  a massage.  I was getting a massage weekly and it felt so good to have my body relaxed with the added benefit of lymphatic drainage.  My massage therapist would put on a tyvek suit and come into my home and use my oils and she was fragrance-free.  She  hurt her back and I never found anyone else to truly take over.  Finding a safe place to go was impossible.  I had someone else come a couple of times here but that was connected to my chiropractor and wasn’t working out.

I have truly missed those massages.  And until workers’ compensation started to give me problems with all my medical bills, they were paying for the massages as ordered by my doctor.

About a month ago I asked my acupuncturist if she knew of anyone who would come to me.  She mentioned a spa located at the end of her building.  I phoned and made an appointment to meet with a therapist to see if I could tolerate the room as they use no fragrance and do not burn candles.  I arrived at the spa in time to meet with her.  I had just come from the oral surgeon’s office that put me in bed for two days.  I checked out the room and thought maybe it would work but of course how could I truly know?  I was in a chemically induced brain fog and had just taken a histamine injection to stop my reaction from the earlier chemical exposure to air fresheners.  A few days later when my body and brain were functioning again I knew that my test was not an accurate one.

Last week I made another trip to the spa straight from home.  I seemed to do okay and I was told that we could try in her room and if I didn’t do well and had to leave in the midst of the massage, she wouldn’t charge me and she would then come to me.  She was even willing to don the beautiful and amazing tyvek suit to enter my home.  I scheduled to have a massage this week.  I would be the first person in the spa as an extra precaution.

This morning I got up and packed my bag.  I took my own set of sheets and my own towel.  I packed my unscented lotion, my jojoba oil, and my jar of Egyptian Magic to see what would work best.  I arrived on time, put my sheets on the bed and got ready for the massage.  I left my mask on and climbed onto the table face down.   Oh, having my tight muscles massaged felt like heaven and I didn’t want it to stop.  When it was time to turn over I continued to leave the mask on and was doing okay (hoarse, but okay).  We hadn’t decided what we were going to do about my face.  Braving the risk of a reaction, I removed my mask long enough to have my face massaged.  I knew immediately that this was not a good decision.  My energy changed, my body tensed, and I got whooshing in my head.  Lesson learned!

Despite the episode from removing my mask, I feel relaxed and calm.  My head sits higher on my shoulders.  I want to do this again!  I will not, however, remove my mask again for my face.  We can do my scalp and forehead and forgo the rest.

As much as I would love the weekly massages from the past, I will have to settle on once a month and depending on my financial situation (maybe twice a month on occasion).  The thought of pampering myself and the added health benefits of massage have me so excited.