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Courage & Survival

Back in May during MCS Awareness Month, I was asked by  friend and fellow blogger Karen Ingalls to be a guest on “Outshine Ovarian Cancer”.  I had scheduled it for the end of May and then my dad had his fall and we postponed it until June.  I am happy to say that today I am Karen’s guest blogger.  My guest blog post is entitled,  Courage & Survival.

Please visit Karen’s blog, Outshine Ovarian Cancer, and read my guest post.  I am in awe of Karen’s courage.  Karen’s book, Outshine – An Ovarian Cancer Memoir , is about her battle and her courage to fight ovarian cancer.  Karen is in the midst of a second go round with cancer and continues to show her amazing spirit and courage.

MCS Awareness

I promised to post more about MCS during May’s National Multiple Chemical Awareness Month and I have not done a very good job and we are nearly halfway through the month.  I apologize.  My head has been in so many places lately.

In my inbox I received notification of a new post from the-labyrinth.com.  Miche wrote a lovely post about multiple chemical sensitivity and how she contributed to awareness at Victoria University in Australia.

Thank you Miche.