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Mold Free Diet

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had to give up chocolate and soy sauce.  I was directed by my doctor that I needed to be on a mold free diet.  When he explained it to me I couldn’t believe all the foods that I should give up.  I was informed that after having a mold exposure like I had it would be wise to also give up foods that could contain mold.  This diet included giving up all fermented products, most processed meats, concentrated fruit juices (as juices could be made with older fruit that could not be sold in the market), breads because of the yeast and aged cheeses.  I also discovered that I could no longer drink my regular black tea but would have to substitute it for green tea which I have since learned to like.

I learned as time went on that the mycotoxins that had invaded my body had left their mark as well in the form of severe food allergies.  I will write more on this and the rotation diet I followed.

For a more complete list of these foods, you can view the mold help diet at www.mold-survivor.com.   This diet is an adaptation of the diet from my doctor.