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Hate to Say Goodbye

Two days ago there was a notification in my inbox that there was a new post from fellow blogger Jen at Myfibrotasticlife.  Jen stated that this post would be her last post.  Jen has been struggling for a long time with her fibromyalgia.  She has finally come to the point where she has to eliminate things from her life to make it easier.  Sadly, one of those things is her blog.  I know how hard it is sometimes to get up and write when you are not feeling well or your body is betraying you.

One of the things Jen discovered that she enjoyed doing was crocheting and she created an Arts & Crafts Gallery on her blog to show her work which she also sold on etsy.

I just want to say that I will miss your posts Jen and wish nothing but the best for you.  I hope Jen will continue to stay in contact with me through the blog so that I can know how she is doing.