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Now what do I do?

I recently posted on my gut instinct versus the lesser of two evils.  I had decided that while my intuition had told me that I shouldn’t go to a specific oral surgeon’s office, I had decided that it was better than what happened at another’s office.

This afternoon I phoned my biological dentist’s office to ask them about something and while I was on the phone asked if they had sent the referral because  I had not heard from anyone yet.  I was told that they didn’t think this oral surgeon wanted to work with me because of it not being safe for me.

I just got off the phone with his office assistant.  He didn’t think he could work with me because of the fragrant cleaners and the fact that he wears cologne.  I asked couldn’t he just not wear it one day????  Couldn’t I come in and be the first patient on a Monday so the cleaning chemicals could have dissipated some?  Was there anything I could do to convince him?  After all my options were becoming limited.

The office assistant agreed to talk with him some more but didn’t expect his response to change.  I am so angry that I am seeing RED!  Is it really too much to ask that he not wear cologne one stinking (and I do mean stinking) day?  Stay tuned.

My Gut Instinct or Lesser of Two Evils

I have posted about my problem tooth.  My biological dentist wanted me to go to a very specific oral surgeon that he works with.  I phoned the oral surgeon’s office and was not very excited about what I was told regarding candles in their office.

Determined to find another office I tried one locally and did not do well.  This set me off in search of an oral surgeon who didn’t have air fresheners or candles in the office.  I phoned another local office and was told that they also used air fresheners but they were willing to let me go through the back of the office and check out one of the surgery rooms.  I had planned on trying Monday but wasn’t able to make it there.  I phoned an oral surgeon out-of-town and was told that they didn’t have air fresheners but they had dealt with water leaks in the building.

A few days ago a friend had posted on her Facebook page a thank you to her dentist for fixing a chipped tooth.

Me:  I replied that I still hadn’t found a safe dentist.   Dentist: The dentist replied that he knew a very good dentist.  Me: I again replied does he have air fresheners or candles.  Dentist: The dentist replied that he so had air fresheners.  Me:  Why do so many doctors and dentists feel the need?  Dentist: Because all the chemicals used in a dentist’s office give it a unique and unpleasant smell.  I remember hating the smell of the dentist’s office when I was a little girl but why add insult to injury by adding more chemicals to cover up the other chemicals?  I just don’t get it.

Yesterday my husband had a doctor’s appointment out-of-town.  The same town where the oral surgeon’s office is that my biological dentist had wanted me to use.  I rode with my husband and sat in the car during his doctor appointment.  We then drove to the oral surgeon’s office with the understanding that my husband would go in first and if he wasn’t totally blown away, I would step in and check it out.  He waved me in.  I walked in and even with my mask could smell the remnants of fragrance.  I asked if it was possible to be shown to one of their inner rooms.  I walked in, removed my mask, and immediately became hoarse which was not unexpected.  We talked about my sensitivities and I asked if the surgeon wore cologne and she said yes but because they had worked with my dentist, they would make sure not to wear anything the day of the visit.  While I didn’t feel good (I don’t feel great in my biological dentist’s office either), I didn’t have my throat swell on the way to the car or have to take histamine nor did I spend yesterday afternoon or today in bed.

The bottom line:  While I am still not sure if I feel totally comfortable at this office or am totally sure it is the right choice based on my gut instinct, it is the lesser of all the other evils.  This tooth has to come out to cut down on inflammation and to avoid the possibility of more infection because I only have a temporary crown.  My other option is a crown lengthening procedure that I won’t even post a link to because it made me sick looking at what is done during one.  On our way home I phoned my dentist and had them make the referral.  I will only take a first morning appointment (hopefully on a Monday) and will have to coordinate to have acupuncture afterwards.

I am unhappy that I have to override my instincts.


Okay, I am stepping up on my “soap box”.  Everyone, beware!!

I have talked about the problem I have with a tooth and the decision I have had to make regarding pull it out or suffer through a crown lengthening procedure and having a crown fitted again.  Recently I made the decision that I would just pull the tooth and get a bridge.

Last month I phoned the office of my biological dentist and spoke with his assistant.  I asked her for the name of the oral surgeon he was wanting me to see and a phone number.  Last week I got brave enough to make the call to his office (which is nearly an hour from my home).  I asked if they had experienced any water leaks (mold) or if they used any fragrances in the office.  She replied we burned candles but we haven’t burned them in about three months.  REALLY?  Like not burning the candles for three months is going to suddenly remove the chemicals from the carpet, the walls, the furniture.  I thought maybe I would just drive there and check out the office.  Night before last when I couldn’t sleep I began using my intuition and asking my self if this was a wise decision.   I got the horrible electrical sensation I get in my head when I am deciding if an action is a good one.  This electrical sensation means no.  I know this may seem strange to many of you but I learned how to listen to my body several years ago as part of my energy balancing treatments. If a decision is good, my body remains calm.  I have also learned that my intuition (gut feeling, sixth sense whatever you may call it) does not lie.  NEVER!

Yesterday I phoned my biological dentist’s office and said that I would not be seeing the oral surgeon recommended because of the candles and that my intuition told me it wasn’t a safe place for me.  I was told by his wife that she wouldn’t use anyone else.  They are supposed to call me back with other ideas.

Meanwhile this morning I phoned my regular dentist where I get my cleanings done and asked for a name.  I phoned this oral surgeon’s office this morning as well and was told they use “air fresheners”.  I decided since I had to be across town to check another office I would pop in.  It was horrible.  I asked to be taken into an exam room to see what it was like.  I didn’t feel well in there and once I removed my mask the hoarseness, the tightness in my throat, and the brain fog came on me.  I asked them why they used the air fresheners.  The response is that they deal with often very disgusting smells coming from decaying teeth and they use the air fresheners and additional spray air fresheners to cover the smell and so it won’t smell like “a dentist’s office”. They offered to try to make some arrangements prior to me coming but let’s face it there isn’t anyway they can make it safe enough for me.  I can’t even imagine sitting in there for 30 minutes without my mask to have my tooth pulled.  By the time I got back to my car I needed a histamine shot.  I haven’t used one in a very long time.


I had a similar experience when visiting a dermatologists’ office about a year ago.  They finally helped me to the surgical area where there weren’t any air fresheners.

OKAY-Here I go!  Why in the world do doctors, dentists, or any medical professionals put so many chemicals in their offices when they are dealing with sick people?  I am curious what percentage of medical offices use candles or plug-ins etc.  For that reason, I am going to start making phone calls and ask this question to many offices in my town.  I will be reporting back on my findings and will be writing a letter to the editor.  I am sure writing this letter to the editor won’t solve my problems but it will make me feel better having made myself heard.  When I get this done, I will be posting the draft letter for your review.  I am sorry to ramble on (part of it is anger and most of it is my body dealing with all the chemicals and the reaction).  I really needed to vent somewhere that I knew I would be understood.  It is a good thing this is not an emergency to have the tooth pulled but I can’t wait indefinitely.