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This flu is kicking me hard.

Hi everyone

I think the fever is finally gone, at least I hope so.  My body aches, my back is screaming out when I try to stand too long, and I have a tickle in my throat that still makes me think I need to cough.

I am forcing myself to sit up for a bit and the most comfortable chair (sad to say) is my office chair with a beanbag heating pad between the chair and me.  My brain is a mess of fog and the desire for even more sleep keeps trying to lure me back to bed.

If I can manage, I will get up my Catch-Up Monday post done later today for publication tomorrow.

I do, however, have a great new post on my “Be My Guest” blog thanks to having done the draft and scheduling it prior to getting sick.   I am hosting the 4th Spotlight Author for Rave Reviews Book, Bruce A. Borders.  I am excited to read his book, Over My Dead Body.  Take a jaunt over there and read about Bruce and his writing.