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There’s Peanuts In That?

I have had a difficult time focusing on writing my blog posts.  I am not sure what is going on other than I am still grieving.  I have been watching many episodes of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives with my husband.  Despite all my food allergies, I still enjoy watching the cooking shows.  I keep thinking I might see something that looks so delicious I might want to spend hours in the kitchen trying to rework it to make it safe for me.  It doesn’t happen too often.  Quite frankly I get frustrated too easily.  And summertime does not exactly conjure up a longing to spend hours in the kitchen slaving over a steaming pot on the stove or in front of a hot oven.

A few nights ago Guy Fieri was at a restaurant where the chef was making Mole.  I have never had it.  In my non-food-allergic world I might give it a try.  Then the chef began tossing ingredients into the pan.  The first ingredient was peanuts (a definite no for me).  Then she added mushrooms (another no especially with my fungal infection).  This was followed with plaintains (anaphylactic to those) and avocado leaves (very allergic to avocados and I am sure the leaves wouldn’t be any safer than the avocados themselves).  I think there was alcohol in there as well.

So where am I going with all this?  Imagine you have a peanut allergy.  You go to a restaurant and by a dinner that has sauce.  Because peanuts are not mentioned anywhere in the description, you think you are safe.  Then WHAM, your throat swells shut!  We have to be so very careful!  Food allergens can be hidden in everything!

When was the last time you ate something you thought “was safe” and found out the hard way it wasn’t?

Peanut Allergy

I have been reading quite a bit about children dying from food allergies.  Today I read something on the Huffington Post about a rocker going into anaphylaxis from eating a single blue m & m.  Rocker, Liam Gallagher, at age 40 reacted violently to eating a blue m & m that had a peanut in it.  His mouth began to swell and his throat began to tighten.   He developed anaphylaxis and was seen by a doctor who told  him he had a peanut allergy.  He now carries something with him (most likely an epi-pen).

This is just a reminder to all of us that we can develop an allergy to peanuts or any other food at any age.  Out of the blue our body can decide that it isn’t going to tolerate any more of a protein in a certain food.  It is also a reminder to take food allergies and intolerances seriously.