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It’s Not a Reaction, It’s Your Fear

It’s not a reaction, it’s your fear.  I recently had a doctor tell me this when I was coughing and coughing over an injection.  I was not having a reaction; it was just my fear that was causing the problem.  Even more recently I was told to just quit wearing my mask unless it was windy outside or if I was in the detergent aisle at the grocery store.

I wonder how many there are of us out there that run into that kind of comment.  Last night was a good example of how it could not be fear.  I was in my office talking on the phone and my husband walked in to put something away in the desk.  I immediately started feeling bad (my husband is usually very careful not to cause a reaction for me) and then the coughing started.  I hollered at him in the other room.  “What did you do?  What do you have on?”  His response was that he had put on some powder that was Aloe and Vitamin E.  He didn’t think it smelled.  I had to tell him that Aloe and Vitamin E weren’t the only things in that powder and that I was sick.  I had to take my histamine injection to help shut off the reaction and stay in my bedroom while the air filters did their job.

If I were to tell the doctor this, would he still say it was my fear?  I don’t think he would still understand my sensitivities to these things.  How could it have been fear if I had not known anything was happening?  I have been fortunate in the majority of my medical care in this area.  My doctors have seen first hand what happens when I am exposed to chemicals.

I know many of you are fighting the same battle, looking to survive, and hoping for a solution.  The battle of convincing the medical profession that you truly have a sensitivity to chemicals, convincing well-meaning friends or maybe even convincing your family.  I want you to know that I truly understand your battle.