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Building His Own Sauna – Video #5

Today I am posting my friend Brian’s fifth video clip on building his own sauna.  I first met Brian through our shared membership on Planet Thrive.  I also have a sauna but mine is a purchased sauna through Heavenly Heat.  On Planet Thrive Brian shares the following:

Here I talk about the process I went through planning the layout and dimensions. Challenges presented themselves because lamps protrude 7″ into the space and sitting in the center of the floor on a bench requires more space overall than up against a wall. Considerations for how far the body should be from the lamps (18″ – 30″) is talked about.* In then end, I end up with a finished space that’s 4′-2″ X 5′-3″. With the consideration for the width of the studs (3-1/2″), the size of the platform will actually be 7″ longer in each direction. So that gives us 4′-9″ X 5′-10″. Finally, the 3/4″ of wood that will be fastened to each wall will add an additional 1-1/2″ overall to either dimension. This gives us 4′-10-1/2″ X 5′-11-1/2″. A lot larger than I was hoping for. I may end up putting the enclosure in the basement. I may also want to make steps that allow for easy disassembling and moving – in case I want to take it with me to a new home.  References:
Sauna Therapy: http://amzn.com/0962865761
AFM Safecoat Hard Seal (for sealing hard surface against VOC out-gassing): http://amzn.com/B007C4XZFY

BRIAN’S DISCLAIMER:  Brian always claims that he is not an expert in electrical work, etc.  These videos are his way of sharing what he has learned regarding sauna therapy and building his own sauna.  As always, Brian states that safety is the utmost.

You can find links to the previous four videos on Building His Own Sauna – Video #4.  I spoke with Brian recently and he is still working on his sauna when he can find the time and will post video #6 when he can.  I will share it when it is available.

Building His Own Sauna Video #4

I have posted three videos to date from Brian, a friend at Planet Thrive on building his own sauna. Video #1  Video #2   Video #3

Today I am posting Video #4.  During this video Brian talks about the electrical components on a sauna.  Brian’s Disclaimer:  I of course start with the disclaimer that I am not a licensed electrician and stress the importance of safety.

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Building His Own Sauna Video #3

In March I posted twice about building your own sauna with a promise to come back and post more.  Brian, a fellow member of Planet thrive has been working on building his own sauna after much research and has made videos of what he has learned along the way.  I have posted the first video in Building His Own Sauna and the second video in Building His Own Sauna Video #2.

I am sorry it has taken so long.  I have been cleaning up the office, working on spreadsheets for my book expenses, household expenses and medical expenses.  While doing this, I came across my note to post another video. Here is Video #3.

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As Brian claims in his video clips, he is not a doctor and this is only what he has learned through reading and his own experiences.  Remember you should always check with a licensed physician before attempting sauna therapy to be sure it is safe for you.

Building His Own Sauna

I posted about sauna therapy and showed you pictures of my sauna. My sauna is from Heavenly Heat Saunas.   Not only do I blog here at wordpress, I repost some of my posts to a blog on  Planet Thrive.   I joined Planet Thrive  where I have found an amazing group of individuals with similar conditions supporting each other.

One such person is Brian.  Brian found that sauna therapy has shown promise above and beyond things like chelation for his metal toxicity.  Brian has been using a sauna at a neighborhood gym but finds that it limits when he can and cannot sauna.  The cost of a new sauna is expensive.  Brian has been doing research into saunas, sauna therapy, and building one’s own sauna.  He has begun short youtube videos of his journey through research and building your own saunas.  I have decided to feature his videos here on my blog for those of you wanting more information into sauna therapy or looking for a way to build your own sauna.  These video clips will be featured weekly or bi-monthly over the course of his endeavor.  Today I am featuring video clip 1.


Sauna Therapy

I may have only vaguely touched upon sauna therapy here before.  It is something I did daily in Dallas at the Environmental Health Center-Dallas (EHC-D) and then continued when I got home.  I purchased my own sauna in 2002 and continued doing sauna therapy shortly after my first visit to the EHC-D.

My sauna.

My sauna.

Heating Unit (Dry Heat)

Heating Unit (Dry Heat)

FIR Heater for the back.

FIR Heater for the back.

In the beginning we were slowly introduced to the sauna only being allowed to spend 10 minutes at a time in the lowest heat sauna (140 degrees).  Before getting into the sauna, we were weighed, our vitals taken, and we were given supplements to take to help the detox process.  We were then given a towel to sit on (only cotton clothing was allowed inside the sauna) and a large glass jar of water which we were instructed to drink while in the sauna to replenish fluids lost during sweating.  When our time was up, we dropped our towel in a hamper, grabbed a clean one and headed in for a quick shower and to get dressed.  Again our vitals were taken after sauna, the amount of water consumed, documented and more supplements were given along with an oil.  Once acclimated to the sauna the time was increased slowly up to no more than 45 minutes per day and the temperature allowed could be as high as 160 degrees.

In 2003 when I was in Dallas and experienced a worsening from surgery, I had to quit taking the supplements while in the sauna.  I wish I had the list of supplements that were given but it has been lost somewhere along the way and before my move into my “safe” house.  I intend on trying to locate that information.

Why did we sauna daily?  Sauna therapy (heat depuration) is one of the safest methods of overall detoxification and is recommended by Dr. William Rea at the EHC-D to remove chemicals from the body.  Dry heat sauna with FIR (far infrared) is the sauna of choice.  Saunas eliminate chemicals that are stored in fat cells by heating the body to mobilize chemicals stored in fat which are eliminated through sweat.  It has also been found that sauna therapy can also lighten heavy metal toxicity from the body as well.



DISCLAIMER:  I am not a medical professional and anything I have talked about here referring to sauna therapy and detoxing should not be construed as medical advice.  All decisions regarding sauna therapy and detoxing should be made in consultation with your physician or other licensed certified health care practitioner.