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Hello – Updates – End of Book Blog Tour Day 3

I would like to thank MCS Gal from sensitive to chemicals for hosting Day 3 of the book blog tour for Allergic to Life and myself.  If you haven’t yet stopped by, please make a stop at her blog.

Signed copies of Allergic to Life to my Thank You Giveaway winners Christine from bored sick and Amanda from celiac and allergy adventures went out in the mail today.

I received a lovely comment on my Allergic to Life Facebook Page by Amy from adventures of an allergic foodie after reading Allergic to Life.  Amy will be hosting me on October 22nd.

Thanks to my dear friend, Liz, I know that the link to purchase signed copies of Allergic to Life from my website works.

And finally (DRUM ROLL PLEASE), I discovered that this morning I had officially posted 500 blog posts.  This  is number 501.

Tomorrow I have the pleasure of being hosted by Lindsay from musings of a dysautonomiac for Day 4 of my Book Blog Tour.  Please stop by and say hello to Lindsay and sign up to follow her informative blog.  I will post an introduction to Lindsay tomorrow morning.

Book Blog Tour – Day 3

I am excited today to be a guest blogger for MCS Gal at sensitive to chemicals on Day 3 of my Book Blog Tour for Allergic to Life:  My Battle for Survival, Courage, and Hope.

Like myself, MCS Gal, is sensitive to all the awful chemicals that many never think about before they spray them or douse their bodies in them.  I wasn’t always sensitive to chemicals.  My life was fine until one fateful moment.  My blog post today talks about what started my downward spiral into a life few can understand.

MCS Gal and I became acquainted with each other almost a year ago shortly after I began blogging about my story.  MCS Gal shares a wealth of knowledge about living with chemicals and the dangers they pose not only to those of us already sensitive to them but to the general public as well.

Please take the time to follow MCS Gal; she has a lot to share.  Also please enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway.  A link will be on the guest blog post.

You can also enter from here for an extra chance to win.


A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

Or so the saying goes.  This photo was on MCS Gal’s blog yesterday.  The picture says it all to me!  It is how I have felt many times, just plain invisible despite the mask I wore on my face when outside my home.  I hope you will take a few minutes to visit MCS Gal’s blog and read this post.  We need to keep sharing.