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Sinus Nebulizer

My Nasoneb Sinus Nebulizer

My Nasoneb Sinus Nebulizer

The nebulizer unit - the two prongs are for each side of the sinus.

The nebulizer unit – the two prongs are for each side of the sinus.

I have had a few search engine queries about sinus nebulizers. The first time I did a sinus nebulizer treatment was in 2001. I was given nebulized Amphotericin-B for my fungal infection. I had been taking oral antifungals and was having horrendous herxheimer reactions and the ENT I saw in Southern California thought this might be a good next step to try.

I received a phone call at work from the compounding pharmacy regarding arrangement for having a nebulizer and the medication shipped to me. Then I was caught off guard. The pharmacy said that while my prescription plan would pay for the nebulizer ($150), they would not pay for the compounded Amphotericin-B. Two weeks worth of treatment would cost $1200.00. I nearly fell off my office chair. I told them that I needed to contact my insurance carrier first. I phoned and pleaded and pleaded. I was told that it was not covered because it was considered experimental treatment (yet if I had had IV Amphotericin-B it most likely would have been covered). I phoned the pharmacy back. What choice did I have? I was deathly sick and needed to kill the fungi in my sinuses. The pharmacist put me on hold and then came back with an offer. If I was willing to be put into a study, I could get the medication for $300.00. I joined the study. The medication caused all kinds of side effects for me. After many phone calls to the pharmacist to ask questions, I ended up taking my inhaler and Benadryl fifteen minutes before the twice daily treatments to stop the tightness in my throat and the severe coughing. I also after the first week, had to take a leave of absence because I had literally no voice with which to answer the phones at my desk.

Since that time I have tried Amphotericin-B again but it made me very sick. I then did itraconazole with moderate success. I have also taken nebulized antibiotics through this to get directly to the infection and not have them pass directly into my gut. All of these treatments cause headaches and nose bleeds. They are not fun to use either. I have to set up the machine near the sink, mix the saline with the medication, lean over the sink and breathe the nebulized liquid into my sinuses until it is gone.