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My Slush Heap Interview

Hooray!  Today we finally connected and I had my Google On Air Hangout Interview through Slush Heap.  You may remember me talking about it earlier in the year.  There was some technical glitch and my portion never recorded.  Today we did my interview again and it recorded.

You can watch me here:

So Behind on Posts Due This Week

I should have already had my post done for 9/11 but I haven’t done it and the day is almost gone.  My brain is fried from all that I am attempting to get done.  Here is last year’s post.

This is also Invisible Illness Week.  Have I written a new post?  No I haven’t done that either.  I wrote two posts last year.  They can be found here and here.

I apologize for being so neglectful in these two very important items.  So what has kept me so occupied?

  • I have been working on my guest blogs posts and sample questions for the book blog tour
  • I have been working on getting a seller’s permit and a business license so that I can offer my books on my website and sell them at my book launch party
  • I have been contacting companies to get free samples of some products I use for the book launch party gift baskets
  • I have been setting up the rafflecopter giveaway to run in conjunction with the blog tour
  • I have just set up a goodreads giveaway to start running the end of next week through most of October (more later)
  • I am working on getting links up on my website to buy the books from both Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and autographed copies from me
  • I am getting ready to set up pay pal for the website
  • I am constructing a very important blog post that I will be sharing soon – depending on my energy level it may get done tomorrow or not until Friday
  • I am trying to figure out what food/drink to serve at the book launch party
  • I need to clean up my office (or at least what you can see from the video webcam on my computer for tomorrow’s re-do of the Slushheap interview that didn’t get recorded
  • Today I got a crash course in doing a video book trailer (more on that later as well)
  • And I am still fighting the tail end of a sinus infection and dealing with a nasty cough that doesn’t seem to want to go away

My interview isn’t being recorded until the afternoon tomorrow so I hope to accomplish a few straggling things on my list tomorrow morning.  Because I am not sure if the interview will be able to be viewed live, I will post a link as soon as I have it here.

Okay, I am done here for the night.  Going to take my notes into the living room and right my last guest blog post while I wait patiently for the finale episode of Master Chef.  While I can’t eat a lot of what they are cooking, I do love watching people cook.


I recently finished reading a wonderful book, Force of Fate, by Rudi Fischer.  Rudi is a fellow blogger and follower of this blog.  The book follows Rudi’s story from the beginning as a small boy from Germany to his career in the U.S. Air Force. Rudi is also the creator of Slush Heap.  Rudi had me on the show but unfortunately that part of the program did not record.  We will be doing a retake in a few weeks.

Rudi has included some wonderful quotes:  One such quote caught my attention.  “Fate only places us where we need to be.  It is up to us to make the best of it.”–Anonymous   Fate has placed me with this illness in this time and in this place.  I have finally come to realize that it is up to me to make the best of my situation.  That is why I feel so strongly about this blog and getting the word out about what mold exposures can do and how difficult it is to navigate the world with chemical sensitivities.

Slush Heap

What is a slush heap you may ask?  In the publishing world a slush heap is the slush pile of rejected books in publishing companies.

For many reasons I chose not to submit my book to traditional publishers.  Among my reasons was wanting complete control of the content, not having to wait to get my story to the public, and worse yet  having it end up in a slush heap.

A fellow author, Rudi Fischer, has started Slush Heap through Google Hangout.  Slush Heap is a website dedicated to experienced writers, new writers, and would be writers.  This show will feature authors, publishers, editors, reviews, narrators, illustrators, and marketing experts willing to share their successes and failures.  The goal is to provide information for those who may need it most.  These hour-long discussions are recorded and available to view on the Slush Heap site.  Rudi is the author of Force of Fate available  as an ebook on Amazon.com.

I first met Rudi through a writers group on Linkedin.  Rudi has also been following my blog for over six months.  Today at 7 p.m. ET,  Slush Heap will be discussing book covers.  Rudi Fischer has invited me to participate in the discussion of book covers and the story behind my book.  I have accepted and will participate in the discussion.  I am looking forward to meeting and talking with Rudi.

I will post a link to watch the video when it is available.