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Slush Heap

What is a slush heap you may ask?  In the publishing world a slush heap is the slush pile of rejected books in publishing companies.

For many reasons I chose not to submit my book to traditional publishers.  Among my reasons was wanting complete control of the content, not having to wait to get my story to the public, and worse yet  having it end up in a slush heap.

A fellow author, Rudi Fischer, has started Slush Heap through Google Hangout.  Slush Heap is a website dedicated to experienced writers, new writers, and would be writers.  This show will feature authors, publishers, editors, reviews, narrators, illustrators, and marketing experts willing to share their successes and failures.  The goal is to provide information for those who may need it most.  These hour-long discussions are recorded and available to view on the Slush Heap site.  Rudi is the author of Force of Fate available  as an ebook on Amazon.com.

I first met Rudi through a writers group on Linkedin.  Rudi has also been following my blog for over six months.  Today at 7 p.m. ET,  Slush Heap will be discussing book covers.  Rudi Fischer has invited me to participate in the discussion of book covers and the story behind my book.  I have accepted and will participate in the discussion.  I am looking forward to meeting and talking with Rudi.

I will post a link to watch the video when it is available.