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Outshine Ovarian Cancer Anniversary

Karen Ingalls (@kareningalls1) recently celebrated a blog anniversary at Outshine Ovarian Cancer. I have been following along with Karen and her story for quite some time and have read her book Outshine: An Ovarian Cancer Memoir.  Outshine is an inspiring book that not only chronicles her battle with ovarian cancer but shows a deep faith and spirit.

Karen had a giveaway to celebrate the anniversary of her blog. I was a lucky winner of this beautiful plaque that now graces a shelf in my office alongside a photo of myself in my early days of illness and a beautiful glass that belonged to my paternal grandfather (one of the few possessions of his that I am able to have in my home).  The plaque reads: I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength…Phil 4:13 .  Thank you Karen for such a lovely gift.


Since writing Outshine: An Ovarian Cancer Memoir, Karen has had a recurrence of cancer and gone through yet another round of treatment. Karen is a brave lady and I am happy to call her a friend despite never meeting in person.

Do you get what you give?

Life is an Echo

Life is an Echo

I have read many times things like:  “you reap what you sow  and “what goes around, comes around”.

We have all been told to treat others as we would want to be treated.  I truly believe that if you send good thoughts, good thoughts will come to you.  If you treat someone with respect you will be treated with respect.

Of course sometimes you can be the kindest person and say something wonderful and have the person receiving your kindness be mean and disrespectful to you.  I have had this happen with doctors who do not understand or believe that their treatment is the only treatment for me and do not want to hear what has worked or not worked for me.  When this happens, I remind myself that not everyone I meet is going to be this way.

Still, I try to instill in my life the words of this quote.  I try my best to send out positive in hopes of receiving positive in return.  I have received much positive from writing this blog in the friendships I have made through my blogging and the positive comments I have received to my posts.

How is your echo?



My dear friend Jennie Sherwin has written an article for Conscious Life News about developing awareness.  This is a small excerpt from Jennie’s very helpful article on awareness: “How many times a day do you catch yourself talking to yourself? None, you say? Then here’s a little test. The next time you are in the shower, bring your attention to your feet and hold your focus there. How long can you do it before your thoughts intrude? I really need to give Mom a call. We haven’t spoken since last Wednesday, and she’ll think I don’t love her…Why did Frank ask me to stop at the cleaners after work? Doesn’t he remember Dale’s soccer game starts at five? I’ll barely make it there as it is…………………..If you are not talking to yourself, who is talking to you?”

The very same day Angela, a fellow blogger at angchronicles wrote a post which to me also talks about being  balanced and aware of ourselves.  Angela, also a fellow “list” maker.  At the end of the day instead of worrying whether she crossed things off her list she asks herself if she sharpened the saw.

I think you will enjoy the pieces of both of these wonderful women.