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Medical Office Fragrance Survey

Hello Everyone

Before I go into what I plan on asking in my survey, let me tell you that I am suffering from one of my sinus infections.  And my husband has some kind of cold with cough (wearing a mask that doctors use in the house).  As I am trying to get this infection over with, I am praying that I don’t get what he has.  Fingers crossed.

Okay – I have roughed out a few things that I would like to put on my spreadsheet for the survey along with the questions I am going to ask.  Here is what I have so far.  I don’t want the list to be too long so that I might be able to get answers.  My plan is to ask the questions of the office managers.  Please let me know what you think.  I am going to work up my spreadsheet, copy a page from the telephone book, and make a call or two each day.

Name of Doctor/Dentist/Surgeon, etc.  (for my info only and not to be released)

Practice Specialty


  1. Do you use air fresheners or burn candles in your office?
  2. Does the doctor/dentist, etc. wear cologne?
  3. Would the doctor/dentist, etc. be willing to not wear cologne for an appointment if the patient is sensitive to chemicals?
  4. If you use air fresheners/burn candles, are you aware of the hazards these chemicals pose on not only your patients but your staff?
  5. Would you be willing to consider stopping this practice?
  6. If not, why?

By the way, my daughter asked what kind of rights I might have with these doctors and their fragrances under ADA.  She asked me if perhaps I am being discriminated against.  Hmmm!  I am going to ask my attorney that question next week.