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I Am An Author

Today I am excited to be hosted on the blog of D. E. Haggerty.  It still feels very strange to say, “I am an author”.  

It still feels strange when those words roll of my tongue! I never set out to be an author. As a child I didn’t dream of writing books like those I loved checking out from the library every week. I was going to be a nurse until I realized that being a nurse meant dealing with needles and blood. To read more of my blog post, visit D. E. Haggerty’s blog and read the rest of my guest post.  Please take a moment to leave a comment and thank her for hosting me.


Book Blog Tour: Day 6

I can’t believe it but we are half way through the Book Blog Tour.  I have been having so much fun spending time with all these lovely ladies that have agreed to host me and my book.  Today I am being hosted by Nonnie of nonnie writes.  I have recently discovered Nonnie and her blog as we connected on twitter.  Nonnie is a writer and author of The Mommies Guide to Raising  (Almost) Perfect Daughters (A book I found full of wonderful tips).  Nonnie is a champion of children and has started DAB (donate a book) on her website to get books donated to mothers who could really use her book and inspiration.  She is also author of the soon to be released book Daydream’s Daughter/Nightmare’s Friend.

I am excited to be doing a guest post for Nonnie today.  My life changed in an instant.  In my guest post I talk about what it is like to no longer be able to be the independent person you once were and to have to rely on others for the simplest of tasks.  Please take the time to visit her and see my guest post and to check out other aspects of her blog.  I am featured on two of her pages: Indie Authors on the Move and Great Reads By Great Authors.

Indie Author on the Move

Vacation doesn’t start until tomorrow.  Today I learned that author Nonnie Jules, The Good Mommies Guide to Raising (almost) Perfect Daughters has nominated me for the IAOTM award (Indie Author on the Move).  I found Nonnie’s book to be a wonderful guide of ways to help our daughters grow up to be almost perfect.

Nonnie’s Blog, Nonnie Writes,  features a weekly nomination for this award.  I am honored that she has chosen me.  Please check out her blog and her book.