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Girl quits school over allergy to books, part 2

A few days ago I posted about a young woman who has been forced to quit school because of an allergy to books due to dust, mold, and chemicals.  I wrote that could empathize with this young woman because of my allergies to mold and dust and my extreme sensitivity to chemicals.

A dear friend and fellow blogger, Michellina,  from the-labyrinth is a student at Victoria University in Australia.  Despite having similar allergies and sensitivities as I, she has managed to get the most amazing accommodations at her university allowing her to continue her education.  I am in awe of all that she has managed to accomplish for not only herself but her fellow students who may or may not know how to go about getting accommodations or who may be afraid for fear of being labeled “crazy”.  Please read Michellina’s post and learn all that she has managed to get done while a student at Victoria University.

Girl allergic to books quits school

I know all to well what it is like to handle old books or books that have been somewhere that may have air fresheners or a smoker in the household.  I don’t accept used books from others to read.  I don’t buy books from used book stores.  I was buying my books directly online and now that I have a Kindle rarely buy paperback books at all any more.

I have to worry about chemicals, dust, and molds sending me into a severe reaction.  I would have to worry about these books contaminating my safe space here at home.  While I did attend two years of community college (way before the age of internet and computers), there is no way I could do it today with all my allergies and sensitivities.  My heart goes out to the young woman in London who suffers and for all the same reasons as I, cannot get books from a library.

Many of you are familiar with my friend Michellina at the-labyrinth who is attending the Victoria University in Australia.  She has made great strides in getting accommodation for her sensitivities.


Her Speech on Housing and MCS

Most of you who have followed my blog for any length of time know that I often mention Michellina from the-labyrinth.  Miche had the wonderful opportunity recently to give a speech on MCS and Housing at an event called The Good House Dinner.  Please read Miche’s speech and learn of her journey.


My friend Miche from the blog The-Labyrinth posted a wonderful and positive post today about accommodations at the university she attends in Australia.  Please take a minute to hop over there and read all the wonderful things that are happening for her and others (because of her) at the university.

Miche has been attending the university working toward her a Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing.  I am so excited for her and all that she has done in spite of her sensitivities.

Fragrance Sensitivity Awareness

I am giving you this link to a Fragrance Sensitivity Awareness Slideshow courtesy of my friend Miche at the-labyrinth.

Thank you Miche for sharing this information.