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Why is Holiday Cleaning so difficult?

Hi Everyone

I have been sort of MIA lately.  I decided that I couldn’t stand my messy house any longer.  My parents and sister are coming for Thanksgiving dinner.  I don’t have any grandma duties until after Thanksgiving either.  I made the smart or not so smart decision that I would clean my house starting this past Thursday (my last day of babysitting was Wednesday).  My goal was to have everything done by the end of the day today so that I could start a sewing project listening to Christmas music on my iPod, spend some time just watching Christmas movies, or read to my heart’s content.  So I am sitting here at the computer with a hot bean bag on my back, my left shoulder is killing me and I am not quite done.

Kitchen floor baseboards washed and tile floor scrubbed.

Living room floor baseboards washed and tile floor scrubbed.

Living room furniture dusted and glass table tops cleaned.

Cushion covers on living room furniture washed, dried and put back on.

Living room blinds dusted and windows cleaned.

All photo frames off living room tables so Christmas decorations can go up.

Hall way baseboards scrubbed and tile scrubbed.

Main bathroom baseboards washed, tile floor scrubbed, counter cleaned, toilet scrubbed and shower doors cleaned.

Master bathroom baseboards washed, tile floor scrubbed, counter cleaned, toilet scrubbed and shower doors cleaned.

Master bedroom vacuumed, floor scrubbed, and furniture dusted.

Office floor vacuumed, floors scrubbed, baseboards cleaned, and desk tops cleaned.

Playroom picked up.

Sauna/sewing room cleaned so I can do some sewing.

Huge box of pomegranites seeded and put away for making jelly later.

I am determined to get the office done tonight as soon as my back calms down a little.

The playroom and sauna/sewing rooms will be done tomorrow because there isn’t much to do in those room.  It is a good thing I have acupuncture tomorrow and massage therapy the next day.

Sometime tonight I will work on my catch-up Monday post.  So what are you all doing to get ready for the holidays?


Moon River Products

Recently I had someone follow me on twitter from Moon River Soap Company.  The home page states:  Sufferers of dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, as well as those with weakened immune systems will find relief in our gentle soap. We never use petrochemicals, sulfates, synthetic fragrance or phthalates.  

I have just begun to delve into the various ingredients to determine if there is anything I will be able to use.  I am just curious if any of you have heard of these products or have used them. Please check them out and let me know what you think.

Rub a Dub Dub

I have talked about sensitivity to chemicals and the layers of fragrance that many wear in any given day.  We have discussed safe soaps for those with MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity).  For years I bathed with an Unscented deodorant  soap from Tom’s of Maine.  I tolerated it very well.  One day I was at a grocery store that I shop at and I couldn’t find my soap.  My first thought was that they were just out of it.  I went home and started searching.  If I managed to find it, there would be a note that it was unavailable.  After searching long and hard I phoned Tom’s of Maine only to find out that it was no longer being made.

I was devastated!  I made another trip to the store and decided to try pure castile soap.  While I don’t react to it, I do not like the scent of it.  Recently my husband and I made another trip and I grabbed three bars to try.  A few days ago, I unwrapped the bar of Dead Sea Minerals soap made by One with Nature.  I don’t react and it doesn’t have the strong scent that castile soap has.  One with Nature has several different bars of soap.  Mine is Dead Sea Salt – Triple Milled Soap with Argan Oil and Shea Butter.  I still have the other two to try and will report back on them when I have.  In the meantime, I think I need to stock up on this soap before it disappears.

My New Soap

My New Soap

You’ve been a good helper, but you are being replaced.

I hate to say it but my daily steamer has been forced into retirement.  Taken off today with other items my husband had loaded in the truck for our city’s trash clean-up day.  It has been a loyal companion in my home for many years.  Almost a year ago it wouldn’t shut off unless I unplugged it but I refused to toss it out.  A few weeks ago, when I poured water into the tank, it leaked out onto the floor. It was time to be replaced.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved it and even it’s ugly yellow and gray color so long as it got the surface dirt off my floors.  Today it is being replaced!  By a newer model in a much more soothing color.

My floors are getting a once over with my new steamer and next week when my energy level is up I will pull out the big guns and do a thorough scrubbing of the tiles.

So, here is my new companion.  Isn’t she pretty?

Enviro Cleaner

Enviro Cleaner

Eureka Enviro Steamer

Eureka Enviro Steamer

I have mentioned in past posts about my more “heavy duty” cleaners.   I use the Koblenz for deep scrubbing on my tile floors (Why did I ever agree to tile with so many little pits and crevices in it?).    I also use the machine that ozinates ordinary tap water into a powerful cleaner.

Have any of you used this cleaner or other steam cleaners for your hard surface flooring?