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Building His Own Sauna – Video #5

Today I am posting my friend Brian’s fifth video clip on building his own sauna.  I first met Brian through our shared membership on Planet Thrive.  I also have a sauna but mine is a purchased sauna through Heavenly Heat.  On Planet Thrive Brian shares the following:

Here I talk about the process I went through planning the layout and dimensions. Challenges presented themselves because lamps protrude 7″ into the space and sitting in the center of the floor on a bench requires more space overall than up against a wall. Considerations for how far the body should be from the lamps (18″ – 30″) is talked about.* In then end, I end up with a finished space that’s 4′-2″ X 5′-3″. With the consideration for the width of the studs (3-1/2″), the size of the platform will actually be 7″ longer in each direction. So that gives us 4′-9″ X 5′-10″. Finally, the 3/4″ of wood that will be fastened to each wall will add an additional 1-1/2″ overall to either dimension. This gives us 4′-10-1/2″ X 5′-11-1/2″. A lot larger than I was hoping for. I may end up putting the enclosure in the basement. I may also want to make steps that allow for easy disassembling and moving – in case I want to take it with me to a new home.  References:
Sauna Therapy: http://amzn.com/0962865761
AFM Safecoat Hard Seal (for sealing hard surface against VOC out-gassing): http://amzn.com/B007C4XZFY

BRIAN’S DISCLAIMER:  Brian always claims that he is not an expert in electrical work, etc.  These videos are his way of sharing what he has learned regarding sauna therapy and building his own sauna.  As always, Brian states that safety is the utmost.

You can find links to the previous four videos on Building His Own Sauna – Video #4.  I spoke with Brian recently and he is still working on his sauna when he can find the time and will post video #6 when he can.  I will share it when it is available.