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Versatile Blogger Award – TWO NOMINATIONS!

WOW!  I have been given this award by two fellow bloggers.  I am humbled to have received it twice in the past week.  This is my third award.  Before I get to the rules I would like to thank  Connective Tissue Disorders and The Allergista for giving me this award.


  • Thank the person/persons who gave you this award and include a link to their blog.
  • Select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.
  • Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award.
  • Tell the person/persons who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

7 Things about me (I hope I am not repeating myself here.)

  1. I can’t sit and watch a movie unless I have some kind of hand sewing or crocheting in my hands (usually my embroidery towels)
  2. I never learned to skate.
  3. I love to sip a good cup of strong hot green tea and despise coffee (even the smell of it).
  4. When I have a reaction, my right hand turns cold but not my left.
  5. I don’t like rollercoasters.
  6. I love to bake even if it is just to give it away.
  7. I can’t whistle no matter how hard I have tried or how many have tried to teach me.

My 15 Nominees (In the past few weeks I have discovered several new blogs that I am enjoying and learning from.    I have mentioned a couple of blogs that I have been following a little longer but who I don’t believe I have mentioned before.  I found it difficult to do 15 nominees because I follow so many.)

  1. Hold the Sulfites – I discovered this blogger after posting about sulfites on my blog.
  2. Rarasaur – I love the writings on this blog.
  3. Bored Sick  – The story of a young woman dealing with dysautonomia .
  4. Adventures of an Allergic Foodie – I just found this blog and am excited to read more.
  5. August McLaughlin – I recently discovered this blog about writing.  August hosted the recent Beauty of a Woman Blogfest that I participated in.
  6. Oh What a Pain in the… – This blog talks about living and coping with chronic pain.
  7. Sprue Story –  humorous look at living with celiac disease.
  8. West Coast Posse – She talks about her struggles with infertility and there is a link to her blog Gluten Nazi Mom Blog where she talks about going gluten-free.
  9. The Other Courtney – A sleepwalker who also talks about her allergies.
  10. Amaryllisturman – She writes on her experiences with products and trips to various eateries.  While I have food allergies, I love reading about her food adventures.
  11. Quirkywritingcorner – Writes about various things but is also dealing with chronic pain.
  12. Relfections of Grace Home – Wonderful Christian writing.
  13. Ranting Chef – Another blog that I love to read even if I am not able to duplicate many of his wonderful recipes due to my allergies.
  14. Connective Tissue Disorders – Discusses Marfan (a connective tissue disorder that I was not aware of before following her blog)
  15. Laura Jean Treat – May daughter’s new blog.  Her goal when she isn’t too busy with school and studies is to begin a photo blog of our family.