Do I have another book in me?

The answer is yes.  A fellow environmentally ill friend of mine, Liz, and I are co-authoring a children’s book.  We are just in the idea stage but I think it is going to be great!

I can only draw stick people and not very well.  Liz is going to do some illustrations.  We may need to hire someone in the final part but we need to know what we want it to look like and she can draw much more than stick people.

I am very excited!

6 responses to “Do I have another book in me?

  1. Good for you. Interesting the directions life takes us. Without your illness, you’d probably be working in an office rather than writing books.

  2. Awesome!!!!! —- I am hoping you also– have a children’s book in you about avoiding chemicals!!!!! 🙂 You can’t start toooo young for warning about toxic chemical use!!!

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