Now what do I do?

I recently posted on my gut instinct versus the lesser of two evils.  I had decided that while my intuition had told me that I shouldn’t go to a specific oral surgeon’s office, I had decided that it was better than what happened at another’s office.

This afternoon I phoned my biological dentist’s office to ask them about something and while I was on the phone asked if they had sent the referral because  I had not heard from anyone yet.  I was told that they didn’t think this oral surgeon wanted to work with me because of it not being safe for me.

I just got off the phone with his office assistant.  He didn’t think he could work with me because of the fragrant cleaners and the fact that he wears cologne.  I asked couldn’t he just not wear it one day????  Couldn’t I come in and be the first patient on a Monday so the cleaning chemicals could have dissipated some?  Was there anything I could do to convince him?  After all my options were becoming limited.

The office assistant agreed to talk with him some more but didn’t expect his response to change.  I am so angry that I am seeing RED!  Is it really too much to ask that he not wear cologne one stinking (and I do mean stinking) day?  Stay tuned.

19 responses to “Now what do I do?

    Don’t be mad– as there is going to be the right door open for you– & this isn’t it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love ya—& I will be praying for you– as I totally believe with all my heart– it is best — that you are not going to this (I will refrain from using my normal language to describe this person) –& I don’t feel it would have been in your best interest in any way shape or form to go to that office— there is someone for you– that is going to help you– don’t be mad– be happy as a lark– that you didn’t go— as there will be the help you need——– love ya— God has the answer– & will show you!!!

  2. I agree with Sondasmcschatter – find someone else. This is not just about cologne, it’s about /trust/. If that oral surgeon is so inflexible, and so uncaring, what else about him might cause you grief?

    Seriously Kathryn, there must be someone else you can go to. 😦

    • So far everyone I have phoned so far either has had water intrusion (mold) and/or use air fresheners in their offices. I am just glad that so far the tooth isn’t hurting. It looks like this temporary crown is going to be on here for awhile.

  3. Oh good LORD. So frustrating and exhausting to be constantly ‘fighting’ and defending yourself and your situation on TOP of having to survive it day to day. SO sorry to hear this happened and I agree with sondamcschatter! This doesn’t seem like a workable situation. Some people just don’t ‘get it’, and someone like this likely isn’t going to, no matter what you say or do.

    • The surprising thing is that he has done work for other of my biological dentist’s patients. I guess none of them have asked/requested that accommodations be made. He says he has patients as sick as I am but I question that considering the problem with the dentist.

      • AMEN— NOT A HAPPY ATTITUDE does that man seem to have!!!! 🙂 You know if we were in a wheel chair– or– or– or– or– or – if we had many many many other different type of health problems– people don’t think a thing of working & helping– I guess it is back to the invisible illness thing again!!!! We have to prove we are sick & then does anyone really understand or care??????????? I find there seem to be few who understand— or seem to want to care!!!!!!!
        The ones who do care seem few & far between sometimes!!! I am soooooooooo happy & feel sooooooooooo blessed to have the MCS sisters I do have who really do understand & care!!! I guess it proves how much we all need to keep spreading the truth & keep educating about MCS & more!!!! Keep blogging—- keep spreading the word— keep educating!!!!

      • AMEN Sonda! I am thankful we have someone to share and vent our feeling with. We need to continue to get the word out. It is the “Invisible Illness” thing over and over again.

        Keep on keeping on with or blogs and our messages! I have decided that this weekend I am going to set up a spreadsheet and start polling doctors and dentists in my town to see how many use air fresheners, etc. in their offices. An how many doctors where cologne. I had sort of put it out of my mind after my SOAP BOX post. But now I am more certain than ever that I want to do this. The question is when do I squeeze this into my day? Maybe just a half hour a day or 15 minutes to call one or two. You need to check in on me and see that I stick to it.

      • You have a better attitude than I have–& class 🙂 hee hee as–I would make the phone calls– & if they had plug-ins & wore toxic fragrances– used dryer sheets & scented laundry soap– etc etc– I would jump up on my soap box- on the phone— & start in– on why they should not be using– not only for their own health– but everyone who came into the office!!!!!! 🙂 hee hee BUT– each time I do go to someone’s business or professional office– I take them a folder– with information about MCS– & about plug-ins– the toxic chemicals in perfume– etc-etc-etc– & I put a business card with a link to my blog— etc etc– each time– I take another folder–& when they say– oh– you gave us one last time– I say– oh– I added more information for you to keep you current!!! 🙂 And they take it– & I know they read part of it– as they all make comments about it!!!!! 🙂 So I print out some of my blog posts– & I keep printing out all kinds of information & I make file folders & I pass them out every where!! 🙂 You have more class– then I have– as if I called– those folks on the other end of the phone would all get a lecture each call– I made– if they used toxic crap!!!! 🙂 I do better with visits & file folders!!!! 🙂 hee hee BUT you go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 hee hee

      • We need to talk one day about your folders. I don’t have business cards yet. I also am going to do some bookmarks with my website on it as soon as the book is live.

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  5. Maybe instead of asking him not to wear cologne for the whole day, ask if he would put it on after you leave. He might be more willing to compromise with that.

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